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  1. I already did you a offer but here again all of these hoopas for your shiny?
  2. I know that just a little correction on what you said xp
  3. To be honest ive never heard of a hoopa who is someone,s else his trainer But maybe that hoopa doesnt want to be ur pokémon
  4. Well i have 3 normal hoopas 1 dark hoopa 2 metallic hoopas and 1 mystic hoopa so you tell me what you want
  5. If you change the nickname back to "Shiny Hoopa" instead of "Shiny Hoopa da Poopa" we have a deal If you are willing to trade of course....
  6. To be honest im willing to give all my 6 duplicate hoopas for a shiny one
  7. I have a to spare if you intrested
  8. I,m looking for to finish my set of hoopas I am willing to give all these hoopas for a shiny
  9. Sorry if this is not the right topic but when you battle gym leader Whitney she has a Male Milktank while there only exsists Female Milktanks https://www.pokemon-vortex.com/battle-gym/Whitney
  10. erik1999

    Universal Request

    Sorry im looking for the not notched ones
  11. erik1999

    Universal Request

    I know this is probably the strangest trade offer ever but is someone willing to trade two of their male for two of my female (I know that for these pokemon gender doesnt affect apperance movesets evolution line or anything else but im just trying to get as many of my pokemon to be male and for some reason i almost only encounter the female ones)
  12. Trading some of my pokemons! Common: Level 100 Common: Rare/Starters: Megas: Legendaries: I have some pokemon double so feel free to ask ^w^ I have way too much commons so i am willing to trade multipile commons for a more rare pokemon if you would be intrested in something like that
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