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  1. ign sanathandsaathvik my favourite is my favourite type is dragon
  2. no only shiny pokemons can have 500 hp otherwise u can't increse hp of pokemons only sidequests rivals have lvl 150
  3. This can be silly but I would love a pokeball trade like if my friend wants to give me an empty beast ball he cant trade it he should put in auction but everyone strts bidding the balls so pokeball trade would be awesome
  4. actually i am in discord but cant join voice channels etc because of mobile number i have no mobile number attached to my gmail
  5. ign sanathandsaathvik thank you for the giveaway . God bless you hope to win
  6. Ign. sanathandsaathvik Favourite Pokemon:. Palkia,Eialga and Charizard Favourite food : paneer butter masala with chapati(should be South Indian style) I can't join discord please mention the winners here too
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