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  1. I have offered If you want you can accept it
  2. I killed 1 mystic poipole 12poipoles 1metallic poipole 1 metallic zubat halloween no beast balls
  3. I made through all gyms and elite 4 and champions and all sidequests once
  4. ign sanathandsaathvik Finding an unique ultra beast or rapid experience training Can u take me as last entrant?
  5. When I click tradebin link it is just loading although I have a High internet
  6. I am not able to access the tradebin page 
    it says loading Please help
    I am using gmail and google chrome

    1. Dqrk


      Bro he is a retired staff 

    2. sanathandsaathvik


      This feb and may he made the topic of tradebin

  7. @Chris_it is just loading please help I am using google chrome I tried ctrl+F5
  8. i can give a lot more likewith 500k exp and X2 and many uniques friend me in game ign sanathandsaathvik
  9. Please elaborate. You mean I shouldn't have given ' The region You don't like ' ? Then why the hell did you vote for orange as the Region You don't like and gave t-rubbish? Think twice and properly.
  10. okay noted Your wish not to vote I don't like region
  11. Which is the best Pokémon region according to you Vote one or I will report you Follow me for more updates
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