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Legends for Lvl 100's

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Welcome To My Trade Thread 


I am looking for level 100's for my legends. 

These are my rates:  1 Metallic Legend = 3-4 Lvl 100's

                                 1 Mystic Legend =  3-4  Lvl 100's

                                 1 Dark/Shadow Legend = 4-5 Lvl 100's

                                 1 Shiny Legend = 6 - 7 Lvl 100's


The Lvl 100's can be anything i.e. Normal or Unique


IGN: The-Albanian


What I have:



Kyurem (Black)Kyurem (White)Shiny Kyurem (Black)


Shiny ZapdosDark VirizionDark Diancie (Mega)Dark TornadusShadow CelebiMetallic MewShadow ArceusShiny Xerneas (Active)Mystic VirizionMystic TerrakionMystic ArticunoDark MespritDark RotomDark GroudonMystic DarkraiShiny MewtwoShadow GenesectShadow VirizionMystic JirachiMystic VictiniDark AzelfShiny TerrakionShiny ThundurusMetallic ArceusMetallic ArticunoMetallic AzelfShiny ShayminShiny DeoxysShiny ArceusShiny GenesectShiny PalkiaShiny RegiceShiny CelebiShiny LandorusShiny ZygardeShiny DiancieShiny GroudonShiny DialgaShiny ManaphyShiny SuicuneShiny HeatranShiny MoltresShiny DarkraiShiny KyuremShiny CobalionShiny AzelfShiny RegigigasShiny RegisteelShiny LatiasShiny CresseliaShiny LatiosShiny JirachiShiny ReshiramShiny MespritShiny YveltalShiny EnteiShiny TornadusShiny Phione

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4 minutes ago, sas said:

i want shiny mewtwo and shiny rayquaza. 

i can offer 20 normal level 100 of my choice for both of them. 

pick something else instead of rayquaza if you want the lvl100s of ur choice

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1 minute ago, sas said:


will you take multiples or does it need to be all different. 

i have plenty of steelix mega which i want to get rid off. 

lool no multiples the pokes are uft

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6 minutes ago, Albania said:

lool no multiples the pokes are uft


give me sometime to arrange my pokemons and make the offers. 

i will pm you when done. 

btw can i get some discount if i offer all shiny ? 

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