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I have a slight problem.

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Ok. So today I finished all the gyms and battle maisons etc. I found a Shadow Keldeo and captured it with a masterball. Then I go to add it to my team and it's not there. I've waited for quite a while and it's still not there. Any reasons to why this is happening? Honestly I could've just clicked something I didn't mean to in excitement but I no longer have my masterball. 

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12 hours ago, Iasona2323 said:

@Patrick Just caught a Goomy. Still not appearing. I'm unsure if I did see the "This pokemon has been caught" or not, my memory is terrible.

There's nothing that can be done then. What I said would have worked if you hadn't yet logged out or closed your browser before catching the next Pokemon.

In future be sure to take the battle right to the end with the green confirmation message that it has been caught.

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