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Scammed by ShinyRed

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I was selling my account. I wanted 5 million money and shiny mewtwo armor, shiny Groudon primal and 5 million pooedollar. ShinyRed said that he'll buy my account. He said that I have to give him my shiny Raichu Christmas, mettalic Raichu Christmas, dark Raichu Christmas as a security and when I will trade him my Pokemon he will bid on my auction and then give me 5 million pokedollar and after that he will give his shiny mewtwo armor and shiny Groudon primal. And when he will give me Pokemon I will all my Pokemon to him having total 7 million experience. But when I gave my Raichu Christmas he blocked me and did not give his money and Pokemon and promised. Now he has my Raichu Christmas. I checked he has kept my Raichu Christmas in his other account. His other account is 'jonkoblaster'https://zeta.pokemon-vortex.com/chat/public/mobile/#page2

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