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  1. ShinyChamp123

    Resolved My Arceus(ice) is missing??????

    Well thats true i saw it before i went to the quiz
  2. ShinyChamp123


    What will happen to the arceus ghost event?and when the double exp event come to Pokemon vortex ??
  3. ShinyChamp123

    Report Scammmed

    bro i m scammed i hv screenshots even to prove to some extent pls guys help me my 20 million exp pokemon has been gone. i now i suck as because i by mistake deleated the Chat.Pls do believe me i am not lying u can even ask some people the scammers as TheMaskedMan and Charlas99 now the bayleaf is with GhostlyPresence
    1. anarchist


      Bruh that's my list

      put up the screenshot where you got scammed?

    2. ShinyChamp123


      I was posting it cuz I wanted to show where my Bayleaf was

  4. ShinyChamp123

    Universal TRADING legendaries- also ACCEPTING exp

    I hv a show and a shiny arceus I even hv an arceus ice
  5. Bro I was scammed and I hv the chat on message so how to get the screen shot

    1. Show previous comments  11 more
    2. ShinyChamp123


      ok bro done



    3. ShinyChamp123


      people think i m lying that i hv not been scammed

      but pls for Gods sake i m not lying but by mistake i deleated the chats with the scammer who told me to give his acc i gave him the bay and then he started empyting his pokeons to his other account and was gonna give me his empty account when i told hm what he was doing he blocked me

    4. Auke1993


      I'm not sure why you're telling me this.
      I'm not staff. I cannot help you further.
      Without evidence, even if it was deleted on accident, staff likely can't help either.

  6. ShinyChamp123

    Answered Scammed

    bros as i m scammed my 20 millon bayleaf is taken and by mistake i deleated my chat with TheMaskedMan so what else i can do i need my bayleaf and none of them helped me
  7. ShinyChamp123


    Hey anyone if they could help me... I got scammed but now that Pokemon had been traded many times also the one who scammed me is not banned what should I do to get my Pokemon back it was a 20 million exp Pokemon Bayleaf
  8. ShinyChamp123

    Answered Arceus Ghost

    Hey What will be event about Arceus Ghost and what's the release date??
  9. ShinyChamp123

    Experience EverythinkIsSale4EXP wShop

    I hv exp in bulk ShinyChamp ign
  10. patrick TheMaskedMan cheated me he took my bayleaf pls bro help me


    1. 990295233HEREWATSUP


      does it have a high XP?


      if thats the case post the screen shots where in there is the chat between you and him which will help the staff.

    2. ShinyChamp123


      Yeas it had 20 million exp it was of Samuel xd

      actually I deleted my chat because I was furious but u can ask my friends their ign huzaifa1996 then Yogesh federer.The ignore was Masked man who tried to scam me

      his second account is Charlas99