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  1. ShinyChamp123

    Experience Demon Biggest Xp shop

    Hey bro I have shiny and Shadow Pikamas would you like to spare something for me??
  2. ShinyChamp123

    Events Demon/Event_lords Trade thread

    Anyone looking for exp ?and i need some necrozs.....
  3. ShinyChamp123

    Bug Pokedex Problem

    I got something 7-8 zoroarks from auctions when i looked in the pokedex(above the members sidetab) I saw that i only have 5 zoroarks with me...I also remember that i got a shiny nd Shadow one it doesnt show the shiny one in the pokedex I hope Pat or Flame would throw some light here and would probably help me. Thanks
  4. I make peep emotional especially Unknown_citizen...

  5. ShinyChamp123

    Universal UniqueS

    Srry bro not LF pory forms
  6. ShinyChamp123

    Idea Fossil Event?

    It was in early version that we were able to catch fossils..it was easy to get many fossils...... but we need competition therefore Pat has kept the fossils in side quests and MBs only.....Thanks to Pat but I would love that kind of event again
  7. ShinyChamp123

    Universal UniqueS

    Srry bro I am willing to trade 4 or 5 necrozs for that slurpuff
  8. ShinyChamp123

    Universal UniqueS

    Hey bro i have exp just tell me how much should i offer for those And yeah bro Glaceon is not for trade i have to grind on it
  9. ShinyChamp123

    Uniques Vivillon Trade Thread

    My vivillon type is and i would seriously like someone to hand me a
  10. ShinyChamp123

    Universal UniqueS

    Bro i like your Pika Jedi and would like to have the shiny and the shadow one also do you have necrozs?
  11. ShinyChamp123

    Answered Location guide access is denied

    Can you a little more specific bro Do you mean view all your pokemon list??
  12. ShinyChamp123

    Universal UniqueS

    K bro will surely check and let you know if I like anything
  13. ShinyChamp123

    General Question for older players

    Always set a limit for the day like grind 1mil exp or catch a certain amount of pokemon or complete this much battles in sidequests...Although not all people likes to grind on a pokemkn but grinding exp on a pokemon probably raises your comfident and your determination helps you to grind...And yea take Auke's and Eurstin's point they are good guys..Although play anytime you are going to enjoy the game anyway
  14. ShinyChamp123

    Universal UniqueS

    Lmao my bad @sportsandmusic69Pls forgive me lord and fix that
  15. ShinyChamp123

    Universal UniqueS

    New Things will be added time being