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  1. ShinyChamp123

    Unanswered Gyms

    Nope you cannot You have to beat every facility like the gyms the frontiers the regional champions then only you will be able to get leggies and UBs
  2. ShinyChamp123

    Giveaway Floette (Eternal) Giveaway!!!

    Well I m gonna ‘hack’ your mind and gonna trade all ur Pokemon with the help of mind stone
  3. ShinyChamp123

    Giveaway Floette (Eternal) Giveaway!!!

    Well the winner of this giveaway is........ @eurstin!Congo bro pls offer a Pokemon on the floette Eternal on my trade...Thank you
  4. ShinyChamp123

    Giveaway Floette (Eternal) Giveaway!!!

    Anonymous.... 10th December..... And yeah nobody voted about the Mind Stone
  5. ShinyChamp123

    Giveaway Floette (Eternal) Giveaway!!!

    Star Lord.....Sounds Creepy
  6. ShinyChamp123

    Giveaway November giveaway

    Possibly he lost all the pokemons in trade and now he is not gonna decide....my opinion
  7. ShinyChamp123

    Universal Event pokemon + Ultra Beast

    Check my acc—————ShinyChamp i have a lot of uniques and rares
  8. ShinyChamp123

    Universal Event pokemon + Ultra Beast

    I have 5 volcas if you need
  9. ShinyChamp123

    Answered Arceus??

    I understand, cause I skipped one more
  10. ShinyChamp123

    Experience Exp and Level Up Training.

    @Anvesh64 Pls bro do not make so many double postings it can lead to a warning....Pls see about it
  11. ShinyChamp123

    Answered Arceus??

    Well there is no 'trick' to find Arceus....You just have to suck it up and search for it on the cave map....(i skipped a shiny and a dark,I still feel srry for it )
  12. Giveaway is on!! As we are waiting for Avengers Unititled War..... Let start a giveaway on that thing! To Enter:1)Your Ign 2)Fav Infinity Stone 3)What will YOU do if you have that stone 4)#Your Fav avenger Rules:1)No double posting 2)If the winner is chosen and he/she doesnt doesnt get online and recieve the prize in 48 hours,New winner will be chosen.... GL, The giveaway will end on 10 December 2018.Thank You All #GetRekt Thanos
  13. ShinyChamp123

    Events Uniques

    Umm bro values dont match...If you want i got 5 volcas
  14. ShinyChamp123

    Events Uniques

    List updated LF offers
  15. ShinyChamp123

    Giveaway November giveaway

    IGN~ShinyChamp Fav Poke-Glaceon Meme-https://me.me/i/pokemon-facebook-cubone-is-such-a-sad-pokemon-122380Me too cubone Bday- 24th Jan