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Error Still can chat

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You'll also have to block him from the chat bar I guess...

To do so, just click on the user's name and when the chat pops up, you'll see a gear symbol labelled options near the top right. Click that and block the user there.

See if that helps 🙂

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18 minutes ago, nik1234 said:

I have blocked a user by unfriending him and by viewing profile but still he says dirty words by chat how?

Bro block him in chat

there is a option when u open his chat  there is a option at top left click it there is an option to block just block him

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This is not a bug/error Chat-bar is apart from user blocked in game.

It Means you have to block that user from chat-bar. And don't reply to such peoples.


(To block this user Go to Chat-bar and click on particular user chat then at right corner (upper side) you see 3 white dots click on that you see block user option simply block him/her)


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