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  1. Thx everyone who helped me out I am leaving forums. 

    U will never see my comments or replies to any topics or status updates of anyone ....

    cuz me annoying      





    thx bye 

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    2. red_wolf_


      .... ( XD )

    3. xVx-Oreo


      u blacked mail me when i was talking to u in private u dumb

    4. iweimax0524


      oh I said that ure smiling syleon might turn into a burised black slyeon alomst like a unbreon. 🤣

  2. Congratulations to Patrick for getting 2000 reputation 🥰🥰

    lol for me it’s impossible xD

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    2. Babby246


      @Chamancharizad123 I was not comparing 

      i was say congratulations to Patrick. I did not say that he did something for reputation:( 

      and I was making fun of my self 

      and I know he is helping . And I think ur the one who misunderstood. Do u really think I compare

    3. Chamancharizad123


      Sorry to say, In above message you said " for me it's impossible"

       & I'm very sure this is comparison indirectly......

      You indirectly compared Pat's reputation with yours.


      & don't worry it's not your fault;) . well that's good if you're really not comparing.

    4. iweimax0524



  3. @iweimax0524 and @red_wolf_ and @kalipo

    say congratulations to Ashplaz for getting -200 reputation


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    2. red_wolf_


      nope nvm i took that to far

    3. Captaincam1
    4. red_wolf_


      XD if you were in my band class then you would be hearing rost every 4-6 minutes

  4. hey can u trade a lvl 100 shiny alakazam for a milotic or gengar or a hydreigon which all are at lvl 100

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    2. pokemaster3555


      jk i dont have a zapdos yet

    3. pokemaster3555


      i will give u two of my pokemon gengar and hydreigon

    4. pokemaster3555


      for shiny alakazam lvl 100

  5. https://discord.gg/NFfFphV8


    Hi hi guys I am hosting a showdown battle in discord pls jion 

    and happy new year 🎆 




  6. U r scammer u tried to scam recperoburst 

    u asked hoopa unbound or arceas fairy for richu alola 

    u r  a scammer not him 

    I saw ur hole conversation recperoburst showed me


    1. onetwothree


      no i didnt

    2. onetwothree


      i said i am looking for it not can i get it from him, i ignored him

  7. Wait I just came to ur profile to say something lol then all of sudden I forgot 

    1. Babby246


      Ya now. Remember I wanted to say hi and and 

    2. Babby246
    3. kalipo


      :) same to you!!! 🥳 



  8. Ur dp called me so I came to say hi Te Amo Hello GIF by Rodrigo Tello

    and advance  New Year Celebration GIF by GIPHY Studios Originals

    1. Chamancharizad123


      Hello :^_^:


      &  Happy New Year you too!

  9. Hmm I know him he is nice and where is ur part of conversation show us ur Part of conversation to
  10. Yes u can trade but the offer is not nice offer something worth 4M . Someone might come up to trade with u
  11. Happy birthday bro :) 

    Happy Birthday GIF by PrimeGlitz

    1. Nuttyash


      Happy Birthday!!!


    2. Auke1993
  12. It’s not a fair trade ur dark kyoger or giratina Its only worth 100k were as necrozama is 4M see it’s not at all a fair trade know the price of pokes then offer bro
  13. And my hunting for 100 lvl 6 immuses will take 1 day time only and if ur interested in having immuses in bulk I can help u .
  14. ^^^ u said no when I asked u about immuses and I hunt immuses even now if u want but I do in bulk like 100 at once or more I am doing 600 immuses at present to another person for 36m . It will be completed on 1st of Jan so I will do next for u if u want
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