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  1. Do u want to trade it or not for my Dratinilic
  2. I have and an for trade mainly looking for nicro or shiny eternus but I will accept any trade I need to be fair because that shiny guy is worth of 5M
  3. Bro I haveworth of 5M give me ur best offer
  4. I have this bad fellow worth of 5M give me the best offer
  5. I want it I will givewhich is worth of 4M pds pls bro
  6. @ronakcena512 pls accept the offer because my offer is more worth pls....
  7. Then how about anWorth of 3.5M best deal(if u want I will even give u eternus also) so it double price of nicro do u accept pls bro
  8. Sorry for asking agian and again but can I know the last winner
  9. I think u have to keep 10 followers giveaway too
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