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Answered Alola Ninetales Question


Hey everyone I have a question about movesets of alola vulpix & ninetales.

Is alola ninetales both learning Confuse Ray & Moonblast possible? 

Here is the problem (Try to focus on red fonts): 

                           037aMS.png                                           038aMS.png

Default moves: Confuse Ray                                     Dark Pulse

                       Feint Attack                ->                  Ice Beam

                       Hex                                                 Moonblast

                       Icy wind                                           Psyshock


Alola Ninetales CAN learn Confuse Ray if I don't grant the option so change to Ninetales's default move. 

However, Moonblast is not in the attack list that I can Purchase it. Alola Vulpix can't learn Moonblast. 


Is it sure it's impossible, or is the wiki outdated? 

The wiki: https://wiki.pokemon-vortex.com/wiki/Vulpix_(Alolan) (alola Vulpix)

              https://wiki.pokemon-vortex.com/wiki/Ninetales_(Alolan) (alola Ninetales)

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No, it's not possible to have a Ninetales (Alolan) with both Confuse Ray and Moonblast.

The wiki is correct, however, if you feel an article may be outdated attack-wise, you can see all attacks a Pokémon can learn on the Pokédex page from the main site found here

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