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Lately Ive been hunting and catching more in the game and while I was in route 6 & 7 I noticed something about Hippowdon. I remember seeing a cool dark grey looking  Hippowdon somewhere so I searched it up and apparently its not the shiny version of Hippowdon but instead its the female version of it. After finding this out, I tried evolving both male and female Hippopotas (Normal variant) and they both looked the same. I was pretty surprised to see they both ended up the same so I thought i´d bring this up on forums. I think this deserves to be in game because its a legitimate thing in the Pokedex and in the games. I think it looks awesome and it would be a nice addition to the game.



Please consider, thanks!


PSA to GO exclusive/first players: Hippopotas/Hippowdon's Gender difference  is a colour change. Don't mistake for a shiny. : r/TheSilphRoad

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