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My Shiny Kyogre (Primal) Is Gone???

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Screenshot_2023-03-18_1.25.15_AM.pngSo I remember Having an Shiny Kyogre (Primal) and Idk where It has gone by now but I checked my (Recent Trades) It Shows Nothing but my Trades I done, I'm thinking someone went on my account without my permission that Is not my Friend that I know fosure bc none of them Play this game or Either Someone hacked my account and Just stole some of my Rare pokemon Like all the ones were good but yeah Im also Missing a few Other pokemons that were also good but not best as my Shiny Kyogre (Primal) I'm not asking for all of them back I'm Just asking for my Shiny Kyogre (Primal) and also If you want Proof or want to Help me Plz do Shoot me a DM On my Discord My User Is called (logiiek#9005) I have no other way or Detail to prove you guys wrong but Please do If you could Help Plz do It will be the Greatest thing Ive ever asked for on this Game.  Hasn't Been sold or Purchased I fused my Blue orb I bought that Is clearly shown on my Purchases and I got my Shiny Kyogre from trading or somehow and also doesn't show my Pokemon that were offered or anyway of proof that It has been traded to another person or sold or anything like that I Just remember Having Shiny Kyogre (primal) when I played and Ik for a fact I didn't do nothing with It all Im asking for Is what happened to It and How I ended Up In this Situation I'll also say the Missing Pokemon I last rememebered that was In my Inventory so the Ones I know are missing are Shiny Kyogre (primal) Shiny latios or latias Mega and had a few normal base Necrozmas and some few more Pokemons I may have forgotten about but yeah Im not asking for my Pokemon back Just wondering what Happened to It and wondering If I could try and get my Shiny Kyogre (primal) back Because It was my Favourite I'll tell you and My Best also Have a wonderful day and Make sure not to Read the Details.    Goodbye 

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