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yigith96's trading thread

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My all pokemons are uft and all are 100 level.
Please make serious offers.
I will accept almost every acceptable offers.
Shiny Normal Pokemons:(All 100 level)

Shiny Alakazam (Mega)Shiny Deerling (Autumn)Shiny DragoniteShiny EeveeShiny FlygonShiny GoldeenShiny HonchkrowShiny InfernapeShiny MagmortarShiny MarowakShiny MienshaoShiny MiltankShiny MismagiusShiny MonfernoShiny PidgeotShiny SimipourShiny StaryuShiny Swampert (Mega)Shiny Tyranitar (Mega)Shiny VictreebelShiny KlefkiShiny PolitoedShiny DedenneShiny FerrothornShiny Porygon-ZShiny FeraligatrShiny Sceptile (Mega)

Legendary Pokemons:

CelebiDarkraiDarkrownEnteiGenesectGroudonKyogreLugiaMewReshiramShaymin (Sky)ThundurusVirizionXerneas (Active)YveltalZapdosZekromKeldeo

Shiny Legendary Pokemons:


Shiny CelebiShiny DeoxysShiny GenesectShiny LandorusShiny ManaphyShiny MespritShiny ShayminShiny Shaymin (Sky)Shiny TornadusShiny VirizionShiny Xerneas (Active)Shiny UxieShiny Yveltal

Dark Legendary Pokemons:


Dark JirachiDark LugiaDark TornadusDark VirizionDark RotomDark Xerneas (Active)

Metallic Legendary Pokemons:


Metallic CelebiMetallic DarkraiMetallic KeldeoMetallic Yveltal

Other Legendary Pokemons:


Mystic RaikouMystic TornadusShadow ThundurusShadow Xerneas (Active)Mystic GenesectMystic MewtwoShadow AzelfShadow MewShadow Regirock


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Ok this may be a little bit confusing but ill try.

I have LatiasMespritMewRotomShayminUxieYveltal

I want DarkraiKyogreLugiaThundurusZekrom


For normals, I obviously would want 1v1 trades. I mean, I won't give 7 of my leggies for your 5 normals, I'm just willing to give 5 of those 7 for your 5. 

I'm also good for your unique legendaries too. I can offer non-legendary uniques for it or we can do something like 3 or 4 of my normal leggies for 1 unique legendary (I need to check rates though, I don't know the rates for normal legs\unique legs)

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