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Discord question


Hi @Patrick ive recently started playing vortex again and just wondering if im banned in discord?

was going to join discord because the bot is very useful

just need a simple yes or no to this question

it wasnt a good year for me so if i am banned i totally understand you choice ^-^

i decided to buy premium and got a shiny pokemon from the store so hope that helps you out a bit :)


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I'm not Patrick (obviously) but I could give you an answer.


If you have joined the server before you went on a haitus and know you haven't done anything to warrant a ban (eg. breaking discord tos or the server's rules), you are not banned.

If you think you may have broken a rule/ don't know if you have, you can try to join the server. If it turns out you are banned, you can not join the server again, even on an alt account.

If your Vortex account has been banned and you decide to join the Discord server, I don't know if you will be banned because of this but on the server, the only way for someone to know your ign is for you to actually tell them, so unless whatever you did to get banned was very bad to the point where staff needed to block your access to the game entirely, I doubt you are banned (again, I don't know for sure- I've not been banned, nor do I know of anyone who has)


Hope this helps!


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