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Re: I lost my email and password


Hi I have a question again about this "Can anyone maybe help me to get my email adress? I only have a username: killerabdel " and "We cannot tell you the email address on any specific account but we can show you an obfuscated version: a***e_*8@h*****l.com " I know the email adress again but now if I try to reset my password it says: There is no email attached to killerabdel or it is not valid. What can I do now?

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It says that because the email address has had too many failed attempts to email the address and is now blocked from being used on Pokémon Vortex.


Do you currently have access to that email address? If so, send an email to mail[at]pokemon-vortex.com with the following:


Subject: Unblock

Message: This email address is no longer invalid.


It's not an instant process and will be removed from the block list within 1-3 days which you will then be able to request emails from again.

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