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Mud-Slap Damage


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Mud-Slap is a Ground-type move. Ground-type moves are normal effective against the Ghost-type.
Mud-Slap is a weak move, so it does not have a lot of power. As there is no multiplier based on Buneary's type, or the Ghost's type, it stays at 33.
If the Ghost-type has another type that affects damage from Ground-type moves like Mud-Slap, a multiplier will apply.
Against a Gastly (Ghost/Poison), Mud-Slap will be super effective, so it will deal x2 damage.
Against a Phantump (Ghost/Grass), Mud-Slap will be not very effective, meaning it will deal x0.5 damage.
Against Drifloon (Ghost/Flying), Mud-Slap will not affect it, so it will deal 0 damage.

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