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I need to know the value PLS


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There is no exact value on anything. It depends on what people are willing to pay for it.
Especially with Bloodmoon, it is a very recent addition to the game, so it is very hard to tell what the average person is willing to pay.
You can use the !value command in the bot-commands channel of the Vortex Discord to get an idea. That command gives you the average from the last month. However, as it's not even been a month since its release, no good value can be given.

In addition, the following is listed in this Forum section's FAQ. You could've already known this answer before posting:

Q - How much is this worth?

A - Values are never set in stone and are constantly changing with the Vortex economy which means any answer is likely a personal opinion or will be outdated soon. As a result of this, we do not allow questions about values of anything here. You can use our Discord server to get recent sale figures of items and Pokémon.

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Addition information from the FAQ
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