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Changing Game Email Address?


Hi to whoever's reading.

Are you able to change the email address associated to your game account (not Forums account), which is prompted right at the start of your account creation? I am deleting the email address associated to my  game account right now, and I need to link it to my new email before I delete my current one otherwise there is the possibility of my account being lost, and certain features on my account may not work, like retrieving forgotten passwords, for example. If this is possible, can someone please reply and explain the process to me? Thanks.

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It's not currently possible to change your game account email address, no.

It will be returning in the next content update which is coming soon™


If, in the mean time, you would like an extra level of "proof of ownership" of your account in the case of needing a password reset, then you can link your game account to a Discord account on our Discord server by typing !iam EntityL0rd in the #bot-commands channel.

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