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Beyond level 100

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Hi Admin/Mods, 

I would like to request you to raise the maximum level to 150 from 100.

But it shouldn't be like the regular level up. 

Now we have a rise of one level for each 500 exp. 

Beyond level 100, every 100k exp must be required to raise the level by 1.

That is, we reach level 100 at 50,000 exp. Then level 101 at 150,000 exp. 

Level 102 at 250,000 exp. and so on. 

Or keep 1 million exp for each level beyond level 100.

So, we will have level 101 at 1,050,000 exp. 

Level 102 at 2,050,000 exp and so on. 



To keep the exp even, 

either make level 101 at 100,000 exp or 1,000,000 exp

level 102 at 200,000 exp or 2,000,000 exp

level 103 at 300,000 exp or 3,000,000 exp

and so on. 


Hope I was able to convey my idea properly. 

Waiting for your approval. 


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