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    Answered Accident training

    Sorry to say but that is your fault. The other person is not required to give it back nor are admins required to fix a mistake that you did. Nothing can/will be done about the situation.
  2. sportsandmusic69

    Uniques Valentine's Day Sale!(the new one)

    Please make sure you post in the appropriate section with the correct tag. Also, are the icons you posted the Pokemon you're trading @jackelope12? If not, please edit your post and post all that you're trading. Also trading/selling doesn't mean giveaway.
  3. sportsandmusic69

    Answered Time

    You cannot change the time, the Pokemon Vortex time is based off of UK time.
  4. sportsandmusic69

    Answered legendary

    It's all down to luck. Sometimes you can find them back to back and sometimes you won't see one all day.
  5. sportsandmusic69

    Unanswered accounts

    It would help if you posted your email account that way @Patrickwould be able to help.
  6. sportsandmusic69

    Pokémon Vortex 10th Anniversary


    We're being spoiled! It must be the end of times.
  7. A ton of goodies are in store! Click the link to check out what Patrick is bringing us!



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    Answered Account

    All accounts were wiped from v3 and before with the release of v4. Accounts will no longer be wiped, but you'll need to create a brand new account.
  9. sportsandmusic69

    Into The Unown


  10. sportsandmusic69

    Resolved My account has been banned(!)

    Rules of Play By registering an account on Pokémon Vortex you agree to the following rules of play: You may not buy or sell anything on this website for real money. This includes but is not limited to Pokémon Vortex accounts, inventory items, promo codes or individual Pokémon. You may not use any software (including browser debugging/developer tools, browser extensions and macro/hotkey tools) to automate any aspect of gameplay. You may not access, or attempt to gain access to any account that does not belong to you. Attempting to scam, phish or manipulate other users through in-game messages, Discord, forums, or by any other means is not acceptable. Altering the code (including but not limited to the user interface) of Pokémon Vortex is not allowed. The website must be used as provided without any visual or mechanical alterations. Violating any of the rules of play may result in action(s) being taken against you and/or your account. Depending upon the severity of the violation and evidence we hold, we may decide to restrict your access to this website (including a permanent ban of your Pokémon Vortex account(s), past, present and future) to protect the integrity and fairness of the game for all other players. If your account was banned it was because you broke a ToS rule. You're more than welcome to create a new account provided you can play fairy. And yes, the admin always make sure they're 100% certain a user has broken the rules before banning. Thank you.
  11. sportsandmusic69

    Answered Content verification

    For that section, any answered submitted need to be approved by a mod or above. This is to prevent people from spamming useless information on it.
  12. sportsandmusic69

    Answered Trading thread

    A trading thread is a page where you trade Pokemon. If you're trading under 6 Pokemon, feel free to use our community trade thread, if you're trading more, creating a topic is more suited. Make sure you read the trade rules guide before you do.
  13. sportsandmusic69

    Answered igglibuff evolution

    Experience on Pokemon doesn't matter when they need to evolve through happiness. Your best route is doing wild Pokemon battles as each battle with count towards happiness.
  14. Friendly reminder! Always make sure things like your computer and internet browsers are up-to-date with the latest updates. Porygon2

    1. Tritre


      What was this for?

  15. sportsandmusic69

    Resolved lost account

    If your account was banned, there it was because Pokemon Vortex has found that your account in general was cheating which is against the TOS when you signed up to play.
  16. sportsandmusic69

    Answered How works the "finding pokemons"

    The starters, along with select other Pokemon like Eevee for example are rare to find.
  17. sportsandmusic69

    Answered I was banned

    If your account was banned, it was because that account was found to be cheating, which is a breach against the Pokemon Vortex TOS.
  18. sportsandmusic69

    Answered How to deal with 12y/o kid throwing tantrums

    Just block the user. Just because someone accused you of something doesn't make it true. By reacting to them, you're giving them what they want, for you to get upset.
  19. Happy New Years ya filthy animals! Cosmog

  20. sportsandmusic69

    Report Got scammed by ShinyRed

    @badman99 this is one of the many reasons why selling accounts is considered a no no.
  21. sportsandmusic69

    Answered Is there a way to revisit pokemon vortex v3?

    To answer your question, no. The only way would be to watch videos that are posted on places like Youtube.
  22. Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all ye filthy animals. DelibirdStantler

    Don't forget to check out the Exclusive Auction in the Pokebay and win yourself a Promo Code for different variants of Furfrou (Star).

  23. sportsandmusic69

    Answered Diglettmas

    Either attempt to get lucky through hatching a 24 hour egg or trade with another player for one.
  24. sportsandmusic69

    Report Account scammed and everything gone

    Exactly what Auke said. When you or even your "partners" decide to give your accounts password out to share it for whatever reason, you are assuming all benefits AND risk that come along with it.
  25. Pokemon GO update is out. PvP is very near. Soon my children...soon.