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  1. The special Dratini forms are in the Legendary class. Therefore they will appear between the levels of 50-70.
  2. A Pokemon will take 10% damage from it's total health from confusion status.
  3. Para capturar Alolan Pokemon, debes estar en la región de Alola en la misión secundaria, luego regresar a los mapas y buscarlos. O puede utilizar la función de comercio para comerciar por ellos.
  4. Sounds like you didn't complete a previous battle, go onto the map and fight the Pokemon that appears and go through ALL the steps to end the battle fully.
  5. Do not give your password to anyone else under any circumstances. Pokemon-Vortex.com representatives will never ask for your password and you should never give it to anyone who does ask for it. This is posted at the bottom of the log in page and at your risk.
  6. Neither Pokemon is better or worse than the other. They both have their advantages and disadvantages against other Pokemon. It really comes down to which one you like more.
  7. Your account was caught cheating by our anticheat program. You may start over on a new account provided you don't use any automated gameplay.
  8. By purchasing the Premium membership. Information in the link provides all the goodies you earn along with supporting Pokemon Vortex.
  9. Somethings worth is totally dependent on both the buyer and seller, so it's hard to give a fair "price". It also depends on if you're trading for other Pokemon or selling for Pokedollars. We do have a Discord channel which I will provide the link where you can help trade for other Pokemon or even get the up to date per pokedollar value, it's not a set value but more of a guide. https://discord.gg/pokemonvortex As for the Genesect and it's forms, it's mostly for collection, they all share the same type and have very little notice in looks. So one won't be stronger than the other, the only real difference besides a slight look (In the drive on the backside) is the move Techno Blast, Blaze form will use Techno Blast (Fire), while Lightning will use Electric and so on.
  10. Item Invenotry - Key Items - Mystery Boxes If they are not there then please fill out a support ticket through here: https://forums.pokemon-vortex.com/support/
  11. Yes, they will make a return in events. Although it may not be the exact type of event, like the steps may be different.
  12. Also, the lower the HP the Pokemon has, the more likely you're to capture it.
  13. Pokemart - Lottery.

    Don't forget to enter into the Lottery for a special Arceus (Unknown) drawing!


  14. Server updates coming on November 1st. It'll be good for the game. :D

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      Will my account then be glitched outline then come of v4?



  15. Simple. At the VERY last possible second that user made the highest bid, most likely you didn't even check the updated list at the end. Your last image even shows that you were the highest bidder and therefore everyone else had their money returned and the winner got the Pokemon.
  16. You look for it on the fire map, weaken it will help to catch it. Then throw a ball of your choice and hope you catch it. Simple.
  17. Do not give your password to anyone else under any circumstances.
    Pokemon-Vortex.com representatives will never ask for your password and you should never give it to anyone who does ask for it.

    This is a friendly reminder!

  18. With the release of v4, certain Mega Stones were removed from purchase while certain ones were left in the shop. You may find the other Mega Stones as a possible prize drop from Sidequest or even purchase them in the Pokebay from other users, which generally go pretty cheap.
  19. When Pokemon Vortex went from v2 to v3 in 2014, all usernames and data were wiped, therefore you'll have to start over from scratch. (Future reference, any updates will no longer require fresh starts)
  20. Please read this and edit your post, not trying to be rude. If you cannot put pictures, simply post what you're trading. It'll help and look less spammy.
  21. You should pick the one that you like more, but i personally prefer Y, but I know a lot of people like X.
  22. Because you shouldn't have broken the rules in the first place, aka cheating. Because if they do it once, they'll do it again, and it's a waste of time to give them multiple chances.
  23. Are you looking to make a trade thread on our beautiful forums? Make sure you check out this guide before making one to avoid any confusion!


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      Can you edit the thread so it's using .png images instead of .gif. It won't let me edit the thread because it's closed.

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      @Patrick so you like being forced huh? ;)

  24. People acting like the Pokemon series is done and over with just because Ash won an official league. He'll still travel to new lands, still win/lose battles, etc.

    BUT it IS nice to see him finally win a league. Lycanroc (Midnight)Lycanroc (Dusk)

  25. Pokemon Vortex does not own the Pokemon images or names therefore, plus there are no official contract to owning a certain Pokemon I believe, maybe asking permission to Darkrown (Not entirely sure) by a small chance. But also I'm 99% sure Patrick doesn't care either way. Playing the game, spreading the word, and being a good (Not a toxic player) person ingame is all he really cares about in the end.
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