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    Welcome To The Ravenous Trade Shack!

                                                            By : EagerRhino

First of all I would deeply apologise for my previous Trade Thread.There were alot of mistakes and I misunderstood many people who wanted to help me! @Patrick or @Chris_(I dont know which one would be rather busy so I quoted Both)Please Close My Previous Trade Topic "The Trade Ring ".

                         So Here Is My New Trade Thread! 



》All Global Forum Rules Apply.

》All Rates Are Negotiable.

》Its my way of posting,So please don't even try to post mean comments.




#All Rates Are Negotiable.

●My Events = Your Events/Fossil Pokemons.

●My Unqiue Non Legends = Unqiue Non Legends In My Wishlist.

●My Legends = Your Legends

⊙Remember I Buy/Sell Pokemon By Checking Their Rarity And Prices!

☆My "Pokemon That I Have"List And "Wishlist"  Are Temporary And Will Be Updated As Soon As I Get Pokemons Of My Wishlist!

Pokemons That I Have:



Vivillon (Pokeball)Metallic Vivillon (Pokeball)Mystic Vivillon (Pokeball)Vivillon (Fancy)----------->Normal Ones In Pairs Each.

Metallic Pikachu (Libre)Metallic Pikachu (Ph. D.)-------------->Only For High Offers! My Favourite of all events!

Pikachu (Jedi)Metallic Zygarde (Cell)--

----------- Only these events are For Trade



Many Available!! Lazy To Post All!Rare Ones Below.

------------>Shiny EeveeShiny CharizardShiny CharmanderMetallic CharmeleonMetallic CharizardDark EeveeMystic EeveeMystic EeveeScatterbugShiny ScatterbugMetallic SquirtleMystic SquirtleAlot More!!

■Legendary Pokemon(s):


Shiny MewtwoShiny ArceusShiny RayquazaDark LatiasShiny Latios (Mega)Dark KeldeoDark LandorusDark RegisteelDark RegigigasDark RegirockShiny Mewtwo (Mega Y) Some More!!!

Wishlist :


Shadow ArceusCaterpieShadow CaterpieShiny CaterpieShiny SquirtleShadow SquirtleShiny PichuShiny PikachuShiny CharmanderShadow CharmanderAll Shadow Legends Too!

I Will Be Updating My "Pokemons That I Have" Spoiler And "Wishlist" Spoiler After Some Time When I Get Those Pokemon In My Wishlist!!! Pokemons That I Have Are For Trade For The Pokemons That I Want!! I can Dish Out A Few More Pokemons For My Wishlist Ones!!

》》》THANK YOU《《《《

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15 minutes ago, VITOL said:

My Shiny Pichufor ur unique scatterbug? 

Can u explain us why u have a shiny charmander for trade but also in your wishlist?

Uh....I will think over it....Shiny Charmander is my drug ............I buy and sell and gather em

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Just now, EagerRhino said:

Deal!,but my pika has some exp too...so could you add metallic rotom halloween for it and shiny mewtwo?

I do not have any interest in Exp and Exp less then 3 mil does not matter on events. So, Cosplay for Cosplay.

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