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Question(s) regarding IPs (Merged accounts)



If an account and several IP addresses (around 5) and 2 of them turned out to be botting IPs BUT they did not do any botting on an account, the other 3 IP addresses were legit and didn't bot, will the account get banned?


If a botter which got all his OTHER accounts banned and STILL didn't bot on the account who he was merged with, will that account also be banned?


If an IGN had 4 people in it, 2 with botting IPs but didn't bot BUT did bot on other accounts, which got banned, will the account he/she was on and played legit on with the other Partners also be banned?

Please solve these queries of mine, Thank you to @Patrick or anyone who Answers my queries convincingly. 

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1) Probably. It depends if they were feeding botted experience to that account. Just because an account wasn't botted on initially, moving all your botted experience to it also puts it in the light to be banned. (Some of the current top trainers use this method for a "main" account to stop it from being banned) It will not work and it will be banned if that's how it was being handled.

2) That was pretty much the same question as #1

3) That also sounds similar to #1 with a slight twist. But if people are sharing an account, some botters and some legit, you all take responsibility for this shared account. I don't care if they "didn't know" that's just their story and I will never know the truth. If someone has a legit side account of their own, I can tell the difference and it will not be banned.


On top of this, I just want to point out that it's things like this that make sharing accounts a very bad idea. I do not advise it at all and will not help you if you lose the account because one of the other members of that team account took it all for themselves. Be responsible with your account and keep it safe. 

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