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Loki's Training Trade

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I'm looking for people to train my non-legendaries up to 100 for me. I'll be paying in legendaries. 

If you're looking to trade, I'm looking for unique forms of most pokemon and some normal forms. If you're unsure of what I have, just ask. The rates for training are the same for trading. All non-legendaries must be level 100. 

Please do not evolve the pokemon or change their attacks without asking me first. 

To keep it fair, please only ask to train one set of pokemon at a time. (Meaning only ask to train 4 or 5 pokemon, complete the job, and then you can ask to train more).

All legendaries below are UFT. My ign is Loki.



5 non-legendaries for a unique legendary

4 non-legendaries for a normal legendary


What I Have to Offer:





ArceusArticunoAzelfCelebiCobalionCresseliaDarkraiDarkrownDeoxysDialgaDiancieEnteiGenesectGiratinaGroudonHeatranHo-ohJirachiKeldeoKyogreKyuremLandorusLatiosManaphyMespritMewPalkiaPhioneRaikouRayquazaRayquaza (Mega)RegiceRegigigasRegirockRegisteelReshiramRotomShayminShaymin (Sky)MewtwoTerrakionTornadusUxieVictiniVirizionXerneas (Active)YveltalZapdosZekromZygarde



Dark ArticunoDark AzelfDark CelebiDark CobalionDark CresseliaDark DarkraiDark DarkrownDark DeoxysDark DialgaDark EnteiDark GenesectDark HeatranDark JirachiDark KeldeoDark KyogreDark KyuremDark LandorusDark LatiosDark LugiaDark MespritDark MewDark MoltresDark PalkiaDark RaikouDark RegiceDark RegigigasDark RegirockDark RegisteelDark ReshiramDark Shaymin (Sky)Dark SuicuneDark TerrakionDark ThundurusDark TornadusDark UxieDark VictiniDark VirizionDark YveltalDark ZapdosDark ZekromDark Zygarde



Metallic AzelfMetallic CelebiMetallic CobalionMetallic CresseliaMetallic DarkraiMetallic DarkrownMetallic DeoxysMetallic DialgaMetallic DiancieMetallic EnteiMetallic GenesectMetallic HeatranMetallic Ho-ohMetallic JirachiMetallic KeldeoMetallic KyuremMetallic LandorusMetallic LatiosMetallic LugiaMetallic MespritMetallic MewMetallic MoltresMetallic PalkiaMetallic RaikouMetallic RegiceMetallic RegigigasMetallic RegirockMetallic RegisteelMetallic ReshiramMetallic ShayminMetallic Shaymin (Sky)Metallic SuicuneMetallic TerrakionMetallic ThundurusMetallic TornadusMetallic Uxie Metallic VictiniMetallic VirizionMetallic Xerneas (Active)Metallic YveltalMetallic ZapdosMetallic ZekromMetallic Zygarde



Mystic AzelfMystic CelebiMystic CobalionMystic CresseliaMystic DarkrownMystic DeoxysMystic DialgaMystic DiancieMystic EnteiMystic GenesectMystic HeatranMystic JirachiMystic KeldeoMystic KyuremMystic LandorusMystic LugiaMystic MewMystic MoltresMystic PalkiaMystic RegigigasMystic RegirockMystic RegisteelMystic ReshiramMystic Shaymin (Sky)Mystic SuicuneMystic TerrakionMystic TornadusMystic UxieMystic VictiniMystic VirizionMystic YveltalMystic ZapdosMystic ZekromMystic Zygarde



Shadow ArticunoShadow AzelfShadow CelebiShadow CobalionShadow CresseliaShadow DarkraiShadow DarkrownShadow DeoxysShadow DialgaShadow EnteiShadow GenesectShadow HeatranShadow JirachiShadow KeldeoShadow KyuremShadow LandorusShadow LatiasShadow LatiosShadow LugiaShadow MespritShadow MewShadow MoltresShadow PalkiaShadow RaikouShadow RegigigasShadow RegirockShadow RegisteelShadow ReshiramShadow ShayminShadow SuicuneShadow TerrakionShadow ThundurusShadow UxieShadow VictiniShadow VirizionShadow Xerneas (Active)Shadow YveltalShadow ZapdosShadow ZekromShadow Zygarde



Shiny AzelfShiny CelebiShiny CobalionShiny DarkrownShiny DeoxysShiny DialgaShiny DiancieShiny EnteiShiny GenesectShiny GroudonShiny HeatranShiny JirachiShiny KeldeoShiny KyogreShiny KyuremShiny LandorusShiny LatiosShiny LugiaShiny MespritShiny MoltresShiny PalkiaShiny RaikouShiny RegigigasShiny RegirockShiny ReshiramShiny TerrakionShiny ThundurusShiny VictiniShiny VirizionShiny Xerneas (Active)Shiny YveltalShiny ZapdosShiny ZekromShiny Zygarde




What I Need Trained:


ScatterbugShiny PinecoMetallic Blastoise (Mega)PansearShiny KecleonSwinubPorygonMawileThrohAxewTympoleMetallic Makuhita


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@Loki sorry for not inserting pic i'm using phone 


Shadow swirlix, shadow  zubat , vivillon elegant , vivilon icy snow for shiny moltres 


Eevee , deerling , spinda , lickitung for shiny terakkion 


Shiny slugma ,  lampent,  raichu , riolu for shiny kyurem 


Fennekin, shiny seel , lapras , feebas for shiny virizion 



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I guess it depends on which legendary you want as payment. If you want a unique for payment, then I suppose 200k since that counts as four pokemon at level 100. If you want a normal legendary then 150k exp. 



I made the offer!



Two others claimed 5 in total to train.  I'll be semi-afk 'cause I'm playing another game, so it'll take a while before I can get the five more if you still want to train 33.  

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