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  1. corgilover

    General What is your Dream Tream?

    obtained : all
  2. corgilover

    Universal Prophecy Training Thread

    @Prophecy is it done ? glalie
  3. corgilover

    Giveaway My First And Last Giveaway (Updated Prizes!! )

    ign : astoncorgi song : galway girl tv show : GoT, the walking dead, criminal minds , ncis
  4. corgilover

    General Which Top Pokémon do you own?

    got some with smaller exp , but the highest one is
  5. :><: got a week of holiday . time to enjoy life for a bit

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    2. Mark Thompson

      Mark Thompson

      @corgilover But after that, I'd be going to Venice to enjoy life! One of my 102 Dream Countries to visit. So I guess it's worth it. ;)

      Enjoy your life m8. Cuz ahead, it's going to be Nasty!

    3. corgilover


      ah i've been to venice before :P go ride that gondola . i will enjoy my holiday rn xD sure . thanks  @Mark Thompson

    4. Mark Thompson

      Mark Thompson

      Hehe. I sure will. But first... The Busy Schedule. Welcome. :D

  6. corgilover

    Giveaway Dark Kyurem (Black) Giveaway

    ign : astoncorgi number : 8
  7. corgilover

    Universal Prophecy Training Thread

  8. corgilover

    Universal Prophecy Training Thread

    @Prophecy hi so for for 2 mil?
  9. corgilover

    Universal Prophecy Training Thread

    @Prophecy okay 600k then for the two ?
  10. corgilover

    Universal Prophecy Training Thread

    @Prophecy i hv (m)that u need. 1,2 mil for it ?
  11. corgilover

    Giveaway Yer Uncle's giveaway

    Number : 8 IGN : astoncorgi Congrats ! have a great college life
  12. Lazy weekend 

    1. iZeus


      Unless, Dark Meloetta (Aria)reaches 60m exp. 

    2. corgilover


      @iZeushaha still weekend is for relaxing