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  1. Well it aint a VERY big deal but still, there r 2 entries of pokemon "Shiftry" in search trades tab, there should be only 1 so i considered to tell the staff to fix it when possible, there is a pic below
  2. Giveaway

    well i guess i can enter now i have won 1 normal cosmog from u and 1 from chat thats all ign ; naruto1129
  3. does anybody haveand( or their evos ), i can give 8-10 unique non leggies of ur choice for each from this account: seth112940 , pm me

    1. seth1129400


      1- i dont click every link that people send me

      2- do i know u bro ? :) 

  5. yes u can offer up but just 1 thing, i will not accept pokes with banend OT's rest is fine for me
  6. well i still want the dark arceus but it seems i have traded away the mystic kyogre i will update my thread, u can check if u like some other poke, i dont mind
  7. @bilal.anwar ur has been finally trained to 10 million exp, its uft at : naruto1129, thanks for using the service bro
  8. Universal

    dark pikachu christmas
  9. Universal

    wow seriously , umm u rate them a bit too high , sorry bro i got nothing llike what u want maybe next time
  10. Universal

    @porymon i want , u said that u want minor events for both, r u taking christmas events ?
  11. Experience

  12. Experience

    offered, keep a normal poke uft so i can offer other pokes cause they r on another account
  13. Universal

    well i figure a no for donations, but i am not looking for cosplays atm, but please tell about the fossils i mentioned @porymon
  14. Universal

    @porymon will u take myfor any of ur donations ? and also tell i want ur so what r u accepting : unique legends, unique non legends, normal legends, exp for those 2 fossils, please tell
  15. guys i need a FEMALE and i am giving or its mega form for it , please contact me , if u want something else please let me know