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  1. Universal

    i would have traded the volca for a hoopa unbound
  2. Universal

    ok bro
  3. Experience

    i m in no hurry bro take ur time, thats good cause my papers will be finished by that time just telling
  4. Experience

    well thats great thanks, i am offering
  5. Experience

    ok then bro, i can provide with 2 sets of aggron that equals to 2 million exp and 1 set of aipoms, total 3.5 million exp is that okay, i will offer in a while
  6. Giveaway

    ign : naruto1129 Demon dont leave me alone buddy, what happened, we were going to pull off one of ur the biggest jobs ? Come on man , what happened , damn bro ? i aint going to forget u to bro i am going to pm u and talk about this
  7. Experience

    @ferradorandre i want u to train 2.5 million exp on this poke : u can evolve it and change attacks if u want to , i have to offer : aggron set = 1 million exp aipom set = 1.5 million exp, if u could add more pokes rather than just adding 3 pokemon in ur rates , it will be a lot easier to pay u cause i want 4 million exp on dark shinx, but with ur current rates i can only get 2.5 million
  8. Universal

    trading in here
  9. Universal

    but u cannot complain as the pokes were damn good cool
  10. Answered

    they will be available on maps in V4 bro, right now u can get them through trades with others, thet cannot be found on maps right now
  11. Universal

    okay thanks
  12. Universal

    more than fine with me i will give u 30 for all 3 , 10 each i may not have all pokes from ur list right now, but i will offer when i get those
  13. Universal

    it does work fine with me , but if u could tell me the rates for : shiny dialga, metallic and mystic rayquaza, i could arrange unqiue non leggies for those in the mean time
  14. Universal

    ok its alright then can u tell the rate for yeah np bro, u can have it