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  1. I wanted to ask what r editions of pokemon eg : 1st and 2nd , and is there a 3rd edition. Does it mean that pokes with 1st edition r better than pokes of 2nd edition ? http://prntscr.com/hhtdzg And is necrozma legendary poke or ultra beast ( cause in sun and moon its a legendary type poke and not UB so i was wondering if it can be caught without beast ball )
  2. is this really "Demonstriker" ? 

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    2. Fire Blaze
    3. Fire Blaze

      Fire Blaze

      Join with me

      Acc partner.

      Hhh will come too with his brother we will go to top soon.

    4. seth1129400


      thanks for the offer man but i dont play anymore :) thanks again ;) 

  3. Well if that word is "Modern" then it gives a bad impression on the home screen Hope it gets fixed though its not a big issue
  4. Is there a new sprite for scatterbugs because i just saw that someone caught a scatt and it had a different sprite than usual although sprites in the game r same ?
  5. just saying u can really create ur own trading thread u got some cool pokes
  6. it does depend on the legends u r getting or giving for the kyurem black but, 8 good legends including unique groudons, kyogres etc would be a good deal i mean getting 10 unqiue virizions or azelfs or mesprits wont be a good idea lol
  7. hmu when u get on

    1. seth1129400


      i hardly get on now :P 

  8. yes bro u can never get ur pokemon back. when u put a poke for wonder trade , it goes into an automatic trading system, ur pokemon will be traded to someone else randomly in game , u can get legends or crappy low level pokes, its random all i can say is that u should be carefull when u click wonder trade next time
  9. @Uncle_Psychic If only i could draw a cool wartortle for u
  10. u cannot change ur forum name, or even in game name. its permanent. u can however, change ur discord name to a new nickname
  11. oh so sad. It makes me cry that you are gone man. i thought you were all legit and there must be a solid reason behind your ban. 

    You had everything, then why did you did that. i have a few of your pokemon, do you need them for starting again. I can help you anytime as you have helped me from the start. you can ask me for pokemon that you want. I hope you dont leave:;):

    1. seth1129400


      heh, thanks bro. 

      i aint starting again, i m done :D xD

      thanks for the kind words ;) GL in game

    2. Hangman1122


      Alright man. You will be here right because when i need help i will ask you as this does not make you a different person. Bye :^_^:

    3. seth1129400


      Yeah bro i m always here, well i m here for some time, i might leave but who knows :D 

      yeah u can ask for any help, i will be glad to help bro ;) 

  12. #Legends-Farewell


    Image result for gif about legends farewell anime



    Image result for gif about farewell anime



    Image result for gaara vanishing in sand gif


    I will go out with a smile ;):D 

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    2. Nutella Navigator

      Nutella Navigator

      I'm willing to help you start over again. Can give you a spare account, registered November 2014. BallistecBarricade is the username. And can also donate you a few events, like the Arceus Waters you really wanted. What do you say mate? 

    3. seth1129400


      no its okay, its university ahead, i cant play on forever, to many real life problems now. thanks for ur support people, i really appreciate it, i will be on the forums as its part of my routine to stay on forums :P 

    4. fodnbilal


      Thank,that's good seth.

  13. i dont have anything to offer now man
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