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  1. Uniques

    alright u win, lol i will go away
  2. Uniques

    no no, lol, just put 6 pics like : i need these leggies , events : etc , and i wil hunt for these pokes , thiswould be considered as a fully operational thread
  3. Uniques

    yup but still there is a requirement of 6 pokes in a thread or else the thread will be closed, they aint my rules but the rules of trade in forums,
  4. Uniques

    @NightmareMSV u need at least 6 pokemon for trade to open a trade thread or otherwise ur thread will be closed by a moderator, read the trade rules
  5. Answered

    yeah i figured that one and thanks for telling, @Uncle_Psychic and @sportsandmusic69 ur way of using another browser also work so i have solved my problem of accessing the discord app, however i can not access it through the pokemon vortex link ( "Community and then Chatroom" ) so u guys might want to look into it , as i mentioned before , chrome chrashes but it works fine when i access discord through its app , or from another browser this topic may be closed now , thanks for everyone's help
  6. Uniques

    okay i will offer
  7. Giveaway

    oh wow bro, thats my first cosmog until now haha , thanks man i really appreciate it yey i won, thanks a lot normal pokes r always uft
  8. Answered

    it wont work even then lol, it says ( NEW LOGIN LOCATION DETECTED, PLEASE CHECK YOUR EMAIL ) i will try it thanks guys for all the help discord works for me , if anyone else has a problem, use the app directly : got to "google" etc and type : discordapp then u can log into ur account and join the pokemon vortex area automatically @iZeus thanks bro, ur method worked others help is also appreciated
  9. Events

    nope, those pokes aint worth it
  10. Events

    same level event
  11. Events

    do u have an offer for this : ?
  12. Skipped this Metallic Arceusi have had it with this event 


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    2. EBON High Magician

      EBON High Magician

      i skipped a pile of legends of legends

    3. v3567


      You don't need Arceus' for this event anyway.

    4. seth1129400


      @v3567 yeah but i just love arceus with my name as OT :( 

      and @EBON High Magician yeah bro , same here 

  13. Uniques

    deal, keep it uft i will offer, thanks bro