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  1. Discussion Introductions and Conclusions

    The fire's out bro, i dont need to prove anything, the only way to leave the game for good was the hardest part and nothing matters now lol , though it was good to hear from someone in a while There is no more "The Good Guy" i will just be hanging around though no one cares
  2. Universal Pokémon Trade Advice Thread

    np bro
  3. Universal Pokémon Trade Advice Thread

    it does depend on the legends u r getting or giving for the kyurem black but, 8 good legends including unique groudons, kyogres etc would be a good deal i mean getting 10 unqiue virizions or azelfs or mesprits wont be a good idea lol
  4. hmu when u get on

    1. seth1129400


      i hardly get on now :P 

  5. TV / Movies The Scariest Movie you've seen

    the sausage party
  6. Answered Wonder Trade

    yes bro u can never get ur pokemon back. when u put a poke for wonder trade , it goes into an automatic trading system, ur pokemon will be traded to someone else randomly in game , u can get legends or crappy low level pokes, its random all i can say is that u should be carefull when u click wonder trade next time
  7. Giveaway Yer Uncle's giveaway

    @Uncle_Psychic If only i could draw a cool wartortle for u
  8. Idea New Event Pokemon!

    lol u need a pikachu wolverine hopefully there will be events from the "Star Wars" series and many pokemon will be wearing similar outfits or will be looking like characters of star wars. there r a few in game already : pikachu jedi and cubone vader rest event r basically based on a few public holidays etc or some good pokemon from in game this might be hard to see , just saying
  9. Answered How can I change my name?

    u cannot change ur forum name, or even in game name. its permanent. u can however, change ur discord name to a new nickname
  10. oh so sad. It makes me cry that you are gone man. i thought you were all legit and there must be a solid reason behind your ban. 

    You had everything, then why did you did that. i have a few of your pokemon, do you need them for starting again. I can help you anytime as you have helped me from the start. you can ask me for pokemon that you want. I hope you dont leave:;):

    1. seth1129400


      heh, thanks bro. 

      i aint starting again, i m done :D xD

      thanks for the kind words ;) GL in game

    2. Hangman1122


      Alright man. You will be here right because when i need help i will ask you as this does not make you a different person. Bye :^_^:

    3. seth1129400


      Yeah bro i m always here, well i m here for some time, i might leave but who knows :D 

      yeah u can ask for any help, i will be glad to help bro ;) 

  11. Discussion What are your Vortex goals?

    Goals never die bro , they just keep pushing u forward until u get what u want. and i m not done yet
  12. #Legends-Farewell


    Image result for gif about legends farewell anime



    Image result for gif about farewell anime



    Image result for gaara vanishing in sand gif


    I will go out with a smile ;):D 

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    2. Nutella Navigator

      Nutella Navigator

      I'm willing to help you start over again. Can give you a spare account, registered November 2014. BallistecBarricade is the username. And can also donate you a few events, like the Arceus Waters you really wanted. What do you say mate? 

    3. seth1129400


      no its okay, its university ahead, i cant play on forever, to many real life problems now. thanks for ur support people, i really appreciate it, i will be on the forums as its part of my routine to stay on forums :P 

    4. fodnbilal


      Thank,that's good seth.

  13. Universal Community Trading Thread

    i dont have anything to offer now man
  14. feels bad man ;-; 

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    2. seth1129400


      yes @Uncle_Psychic it feels bad man , but i have nothing to prove now :T_T:

      Best mod along with sports, keep up the good work

      i feel bad i could not contribute enough on google+ and forums. 

    3. R3LOADED1
    4. fodnbilal


      Sorry Seth came under sneezeball's spell.

  15. Daaang! Tsss. Trust no one. Ever happened to that? :=S:

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    2. seth1129400


      and @Sneezeball seaways accounts were not mine , XGantzx made those accounts during togepi halloween event and gave us normal togepi halloween to get from those accounts. when xgantz got banned i used seaways1-10 for vivillons . all the rest passwords were changed. seaways19-24 r not banned because no vaders were claimed from those except 1 or 2 and they r vivillon making accounts 


    3. Mark Thompson

      Mark Thompson

      Uh.... Well @Sneezeball said there was your ip address. Why would he lie?

    4. fodnbilal


      Everyone's with Seth.