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1 hour ago, soulweeper616 said:

Choose one please :$ if you dont like them,thats fine. Where can i offer or can you offer the deoxys on the genesect on soulweeper616 that'd be great. 


1 hour ago, VITOL said:

im interested in your  Shadow ArceusMetallic Deoxys   choose one leggy from my uft list in VitolLegs

@VITOL Shiny Deoxys for urShiny Yveltal or Shiny Diancie

@soulweeper616 ill offer my metalic deoxys for that metalic genesect soon, idk about shadow arceus imma wait a few see what people  offer on it first

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11 hours ago, soulweeper616 said:

Sure man no problem,i can also offer Shiny Virizion or Shiny Zekrom for it. 

That zekrom i might tbh xD i have a shiny reshiram that goes perfect with it so if i dont get any offers on it soon ill run for that shiny zekrom lmao, also as in with one of the 3 or still just choose one, because i dont like taking 2 of someones for 1 of mine, makes me feel like a scammer


@VITOL ign? ill go for yveltal, vitol or vitol legs

@soulweeper616 ign? same as ur forums name?

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10 hours ago, soulweeper616 said:

By the way you offered me landorus instead of deoxys on my genesect,so i declined the offer. Please offer metallic deoxys and on my metallic Genesect :D

@soulweeper616 xDD did  i really? lemme check im sorry  im speeding through these


@VITOL shadow arceus for shadow kyogre, and what uwant for the sweet looking shadow giritina

@soulweeper616 sry mane, kyogre is my all time fav legend and first, so i had to

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