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  1. for 30m,if you can train it on my that would be great. Its uft on soulweeper616
  2. May the Ancient grants you good luck my child. Farewell Ign : soulweeper616
  3. oh,my bad. Then i can add a and we can just do it on 10m?
  4. Hey, Welcome back!! LordShiny Bidoof

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    2. GarrettTheGengar


      You are the winner because my latias page got shut down

    3. soulweeper616


      Uhm sorry but what giveaway XD 

    4. GarrettTheGengar
  5. I'd kinda value my pokes a bit higher,thank you for the offer tho. Also im not really looking for experience at the moment.
  6. Trading all edition 2 - all edition 1 - all editiion 2 - with 3 mil edition 1, edition 1 - + 2x And with 18m + with 16m + a few pokemons with 6-7m exp. I have tons of unique legendaries as well,i just came back from a huge break so im kinda excited to see your offers. Mostly looking for other events or donation pokemons.
  7. Auction 1 Kyurem white set + shadow caterpie christmas + shiny litten + shadow water with 3m
  8. Still trading these guys,i'm probably going to keep the rowlet but idk yet.
  9. Not looking for normal waters unfortunelty,sorry
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