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1 hour ago, iceScreaM- said:

Hello, I'm a new player here but I was playing tppc for like 7 years now. I have questions about this rpg.


1) What is the rate system here in trading?

2) Where can I get promo codes?

3) What are events pokemon & donation pokemon?


Thanks! :)

Hi! Welcome to Pokémon Vortex mmorpg. I hope you'd like this one.

1)There is no specific rate system. Everyone can have their own rates. For example User A valuesMewtwotwo unique pokemons while User B values it 4 unique pokemon. Therefore, there is independent based rate system.

2)Well you mostly get promo codes of some event like the oldest pikachu cosplays (e.g. Pikachu (Libre)and others) or of donations. Sometimes, if you win a giveaway held by vortex admins or staff, you get promo codes.

3) Event pokemons are those pokemons which are ultra rare. They are given out on special occasions, but you have to do some task for them (e.g. We have to complete all the sidequests to get any type of Arceus (Electric)). Donation pokemons are those pokemons which can only be obtained at certain times. You have to donate $10 through paypal and message Patrick in-game to get them/their promo codes.


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