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Pokebay bids disappear


Okay so the pokebay auction feature is relatively knew and personally it's one of my favourite added features of the game so far. However, I've recently been noticing that a lot of my bids have been disappearing way before the deadline of the auction is reached. For example, I could bid for a Suicune at 5pm on a Monday and keeping a note of it's deadline which is 5pm on a Tuesday. I come back the next day at 3pm and when I check my list of bids it's gone! Obviously I wasn't expecting to still be the winning bid 21 hours later but surely the auction can't just disappear because I haven't been active every minute of the day.

I've made sure that this isn't just a personal mistake I've made mixing up the times, this has happened multiple times as at first I was sceptical but when I made a note of 10 different auctions I made with their deadline time noted down as well, 8/10 of them disappeared before the posted deadline. 

Anyone else experiencing this?


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You're likely mixing up your own time with server time.
The time an auction is scheduled to end is listed in UK time, so GMT. That's the time the Vortex server uses.
If you're a few hours away from that timezone, that's likely what caused the auction to 'disappear'.

It didn't really disappear. It ended without you realising it.

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