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I was banned for no reason

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my ign paws was banned for no reason i was training my mystic mime jr for god_v2 and i received a message to verify that i was not botting and then i clicked continue and it was loading for about 2 minutes and then i clicked members option and it showed me seesion expire message then i logged out and then i tried logging in but no it says Your account has been banned by Pokémon Vortex 

please patrick i dont know wht is botting please help me

pat in discord i will post you the image with the time



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  • Developer

I have explained to you on Discord why you are banned.  Do not claim ignorance.


We have a recording of the last 11 minutes of your gameplay.  Every click, mouse movement, keypress, etc...


3 minutes before you were banned, a "bot check" dialog box appeared on your screen, asking you to click the button to prove you were not cheating.

Instead, you ignored the dialog box, and continued to click in the same positions and with the same rhythm as you had been doing for the prior few minutes, despite the fact that the battle buttons were hidden.


It is the opinion of all the staff, after reviewing the footage, that you were using automated tools to play the game.  As a result, your account is permanently banned from the game.

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