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  1. Giveaway Pokemon Vortex Mystery Box Giveaway!

    IGN: flamescape Colour: Hot pink
  2. Art Things I made in 2007 (or maybe 2012)

    Mystery solved.
  3. Art Things I made in 2007 (or maybe 2012)

    Out of curiosity, what dates & times were on the other files?
  4. Art Things I made in 2007 (or maybe 2012)

    The timestamp on that file indicates one of the following: Your computer's time was incorrect when you created the file. You faked this screenshot. You invented Snivy over 2 years before it appeared in any Pokémon game. I suspect #1 to be most likely, but I'd welcome any evidence to the contrary.
  5. Game Keep One, Change One

    fake news
  6. Idea New VortexBot Command

    Try !missing <ign>
  7. Programing Javascript Challenges

    It doesn't work quite right..
  8. Programing Javascript Challenges

    function dec2bin( dec ) { return dec.toString(2); } done. Challenge: Make a function which can add two decimal numbers together (of any precision). e.g. add( "0.1", "0.2" ); // returns "0.3" add( "-1", "1.15" ); // returns "0.15"