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  1. No - it will be harder to find them since now you'll be encountering legendary pokemon too.
  2. This was not a mistake. You were automating battles. This is against the rules.
  3. Don't worry - we didn't notice it either.
  4. I assume we're talking about the account `Deltascourge`, right? Your ban has been reviewed by me independently, and I can confirm that a Tampermonkey map bot was running on your account as recently as 27/October. The bot you were using is a well-known script that has been widely published on the internet, and we have a very robust and reliable way to detect when it is being used. There is no confusion or mistake. The ban remains in place.
  5. You were banned for automating gameplay. Specifically, you were caught using a map bot, twice.
  6. So how come it was registered with the same email address as your other accounts?
  7. Your brother was caught cheating which caused your account to also be suspended. I have unbanned your account now. Have fun.
  8. You were banned for botting on account xtechxxx. You cannot cheat on one account and expect your other accounts not to be banned.
  9. Can you explain how he got access to your account?
  10. Are you also vipulthanvi123?
  11. flamescape


    Your account will not be unbanned.
  12. You were caught using a tampermonkey battle bot. Your account will not be unbanned.
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