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  1. Please provide some evidence. Screenshots would be nice.
  2. DM me on Discord and I'll see what I can do. @flamescape#0001
  3. Thanks for the report. I have returned your pokemon to your account.
  4. Hello, What browser extensions and antivirus do you use?
  5. "Covid Koffing" is about as distasteful a name as "AIDS Aipom" or "Cancer Cacnea" or “Ebola Emolga”.
  6. Hi, It is not an error. You were banned for automating gameplay. It appears that you were using some kind of tool to record/replay mouse movements and clicks in a particular sequence. This is against the rules, and so your account has been banned. You're welcome to open a new account.
  7. I understand it's been a while since you last played, although I think you might be mis-remembering the thing about Crater. You have been banned because you were automating gameplay. This is against the rules. You're welcome to start a new account, but please keep in mind that any attempt to automate any aspect of gameplay may result in another ban in future.
  8. Your pokemon were traded to The_Don. This doesn't appear to be the result of a bug, so I am closing this topic.
  9. Thanks for the valuable feedback. I hear you - the biggest problem (and has always been the problem on Vortex) is that feeling when you accidentally skip past a pokemon that you really wanted. There's a few ideas floating around on how best to deal with this problem. We have to keep in mind that introducing some sort of mechanic to slow down the encounter rate, or halting movement on encounters, can make the game annoying in other ways. Personally, I find that forcing players into an encounter every few paces like the original games is probably one of the worst features of those games. An auto-stop toggle would mitigate this, but you might not always be in the right mode when searching, or you might get tired of the constant stopping and turn it off despite the risk - then back to square 1. I think there may be some better solutions out there. We'll try to find the best compromise.
  10. No - it will be harder to find them since now you'll be encountering legendary pokemon too.
  11. This was not a mistake. You were automating battles. This is against the rules.
  12. Don't worry - we didn't notice it either.
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