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  1. Hi Red_wolf_ Were you entering or exiting the cave when you took this screenshot? Does this always happen? or only sometimes? What web browser are you using?
  2. Please provide a screenshot of what you are seeing so that I can better understand the problem. Thanks.
  3. You traded these pokemon to Whosane13. This is not a bug.
  4. Hi, you could try a couple of things to improve your FPS: Change the graphics settings. You can reduce the quality of the graphics by clicking the cog icon next to the clock on the explore page. Lower quality should improve your FPS. Try a different web browser. I think you are currently using Opera. Try Chrome or Firefox for better FPS. If neither of these help you, I'm afraid it may just be that your device is too old to work well. Good luck!
  5. At the moment, we are using lava and waterfalls to prevent players from traversing certain areas. They serve the same purpose as walls, rocks and cliffs. We don't intend to allow players to traverse lava at the moment - although this may be an option for us to explore in future. The sprites used for surfing and rock climbing are based on the sprites used in Pokémon HeartGold. (i.e. non-descript pokemon) They are deliberately designed as ambiguous, amorphous blobs.
  6. Very odd. I've not been able to reproduce the issue in Chrome, so I still suspect that a browser extension may be the cause of your issue. I'm glad you've found a workaround anyway.
  7. The problem is that the time for the question was over before the answer reached the bot. The bot had already announced "Time's up" before the answer came in. This is just the way of the internet. Sending messages (especially through Discord) is not instantaneous; it can take half a second for the message to arrive, and this one came too late. Either way, it's clear to me that this guy didn't know the answer to the question anyway. This was his third guess.
  8. Hi NeruDX, It sounds like something is interfering with your ability to run javascript. My best guess is that you have some sort of overzealous security software which is disabling it for all browsers. Try disabling your security software temporarily (if you can) and see if this helps.
  9. Cool. I'm glad I managed to get it working on your laptop. The option has been removed as the game no longer uses this technology. There's nothing to disable.
  10. Same issue as: Continuing discussion on linked thread.
  11. Same issue as: Continue discusson on linked thread.
  12. Appears to be same issue as: I will close this thread and continue discusson on linked thread.
  13. I have made some performance improvements to the maps. Please try again and open a new topic if the problem persists.
  14. Upon review, it does not appear that any pokemon were duplicated.
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