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  1. Please copy and paste the following form and fill it in to report a bug. Using this form will help us address any issue you're having in a much more effective and speedy manner. Browser & device information: Enter manually if you know this or you can use this tool to get any information we may need (Just copy and paste the sharable link they give you) Is the issue recurring or has it only happened once? Did the issue only happen to you once or is it something that keeps happening? Can you recreate the issue? If yes, please provide steps to recreate the issue (be as detailed as possible)
  2. The device you used to log in to Rohithruthik's account was the same one that you use to log in to your own account.
  3. Not many players around here have a very firm grasp of what "proof" means. This is just one more example. Kingfootball. is just another account created by Kingfootball
  4. You created multiple accounts and used the in-game message system to impersonate and scam other players.
  5. You shared your account with a scammer. I don't know what to tell you. It's not possible to recover released pokemon. Be more careful next time.
  6. I don't think he hacked you. You gave this person your password, right?
  7. In my experience, the explore tab only uses 100MB of RAM + 50MB GPU memory in Chrome. This seems quite reasonable to me considering this forum tab takes up 60MB of RAM. Please show where you are seeing this 1.7 GB of RAM usage? This is 10x greater than I would expect. Perhaps you have a browser extension which is causing the problem?
  8. Hi, can you please follow these steps: In Chrome, go to Menu > Settings > Advanced > System. Check that the option "Use hardware acceleration when available" is enabled. If this is not already enabled, please enable it and then relaunch Chrome as instructed. Let me know if this helps.
  9. Please go here and copy the link it gives you: https://www.whatsmybrowser.org/
  10. Please supply some evidence of your agreement.
  11. I believe the cause of this issue was fixed some time ago. Unfortunately we do not have any way to know how many battles this pokemon has completed - so we cannot calculate the happiness level it should have. This pokemon will remain as-is until the trainer decides to train it further.
  12. I am unable to reproduce this issue. I assume you may be mistaken with your ball selection. If this occurs again, please start a new topic and provide more information.
  13. This can occur if you have not completed your previous battle yet. The game gets confused if you try to battle 2 pokemon at the same time. Please complete your previous battle before starting a new one.
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