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  1. Ok I recommend rebooting your phone and try again. Failing that - try another web browser. I have not been able to reproduce the issue on my side. If you can give me steps to reproduce the issue then I will look into it further.
  2. Does it still happen when you reload the page?
  3. How would banning a hacker stop him from doing it again? What's to stop him from creating a new account? The only way to prevent this from happening again is to first understand HOW it happened, so we can fix the root cause of the problem. Usually when this kind of thing happens it's because of a weak/guessable password or because the password was shared with someone else. You claim that neither of these are possible, but you haven't suggested any alternative.
  4. @Babby246 I don't think you can be helped. You still have not explained how it's possible that he took your pokemon. Until we figure this out, there's no point in me trying to help you because it will likely just happen again.
  5. Closing this topic as no reply in almost 2 weeks. If this issue still persists please open a new topic. Thanks.
  6. It's not possible for me to bring these back.
  7. Thanks for the report. I have obtained evidence from a few other sources which give credibility to your report. Venom_10 is now banned.
  8. Can you please provide some evidence of a scam? So far, I can only see that you traded with him. I need more information.
  9. I'm just trying to figure out if it's a problem with your browser, computer or network. If you are willing to try Firefox, it would help us to diagnose the issue.
  10. @krisiyen Please DM me on Discord and we'll talk about it.
  11. This is intentional. When you switch tabs, your browser pauses (or slows down) the game. Browsers use this technique to help save CPU & battery life by only spending system resources on tabs which are open/visible. We cannot turn this feature off. Once you switch back, the game should return to running at normal speed, but, the game is now out of sync with the server. The "blank out" is what happens when the game tries to re-synchronise your browser with the server. This is possible. If you switch tabs AFTER clicking "Battle" but BEFORE the browser ta
  12. Nobody said you were scamming. You were given a warning for spamming. This blocked your ability to post for 24 hours. Despite acknolwedging this warning - you clearly didn't read it. You came back on another account to continue posting. This is against the rules. You were spamming. You sent me the same message copied+pasted in my DMs several times. You posted about your issue in unrelated topics multiple times to try and get my attention. This is spamming. Owning a seedot with his OT doesn't mean he hacked your account. If someone hacked your account and sent you a seed
  13. This not an error. You traded your pokemon to scabbar1.
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