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  1. flamescape

    Resolved Loss of Exp

    On 15th May, CaptainA traded the Zoruark to account 1aboveall. It was trained with bots for 720,000 exp, and was then traded back to CaptainA on 16th May. On 22nd June, 1aboveall was banned and the exp was deducted from this pokemon. The remaining ~400,000 exp was trained by CaptainA.
  2. flamescape

    Resolved Loss of Exp

    What is the ID of the pokemon?
  3. flamescape

    Answered Why do I keep getting banned?

    You were banned for breaking the rules. I think you should re-read the rules before starting a new account. I have highlighted the relevant section for you.
  4. flamescape

    Unanswered WHAT HAPPEN

    I don't understand. Why is fruit relevant? What are your account names?
  5. flamescape

    Resolved loss of xp

    We remove exp trained by accounts that were caught cheating. This is likely the reason.
  6. flamescape

    Answered ban en pokemon vortex

    We don't unban accounts that were caught cheating.
  7. flamescape

    Answered False ban?

    As discussed on Discord - you confessed to using scripts to automate gameplay. This is not allowed. Your account will not be unbanned.
  8. Here's my 2 pence: Idea 1: Remove the global leaderboard The global leaderboard is the only reason why people trade for exp in the first place. The global leaderboard is what gives value to experience points. Kill the leaderboard, and you'll kill the value of exp. Instead, bring more emphasis to the seasonal leaderboard - after all, this is what matters most! There are no prizes for being top global. All the emphasis should be on becoming top of the season. Idea 2: Perform regular exp upscaling As each season progresses, scale-up the amount of exp earned from battles. This will allow new players to compete on the global leaderboard more easily as time goes by. (As an example, it might take 300 battles to earn 1Mil exp in season 10, but perhaps only 200 battles to earn 1Mil exp in season 20.) Most MMOs do this when they introduce new level caps, by way of a "gear reset". Players spend months earning end-game rewards at the level-cap. When the level-cap is extended, their previous rewards almost immediately become obsolete as the new (more powerful) rewards are significantly easier to obtain. This is how, if you wanted to become a top-tier player in World of Warcraft, it would only take you six months. You don't need to play for 14 years to catch up with the oldest players! This would be almost functionally identical to imposing an end-of-season exp decay. (i.e. lower the exp of all pokemon by a fixed percentage at the end of each season). The main difference here is that upscaling future rewards doesn't feel as bad as removing past earnings (even if they both serve the same purpose).
  9. flamescape

    Answered Help me! I got scammed

    waterbottler is now banned.
  10. flamescape

    Resolved I was banned for no reason

    I have explained to you on Discord why you are banned. Do not claim ignorance. We have a recording of the last 11 minutes of your gameplay. Every click, mouse movement, keypress, etc... 3 minutes before you were banned, a "bot check" dialog box appeared on your screen, asking you to click the button to prove you were not cheating. Instead, you ignored the dialog box, and continued to click in the same positions and with the same rhythm as you had been doing for the prior few minutes, despite the fact that the battle buttons were hidden. It is the opinion of all the staff, after reviewing the footage, that you were using automated tools to play the game. As a result, your account is permanently banned from the game.
  11. flamescape

    Report Guys help me!

    Please share the screenshots of the agreement you had with carrliam761
  12. flamescape

    Giveaway Pokemon Vortex Mystery Box Giveaway!

    IGN: flamescape Colour: Hot pink
  13. flamescape

    Idea New VortexBot Command

    Try !missing <ign>