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  1. Universal Community Trading Thread

    Anyone got a ? Willing to give good offers for it..
  2. Universal Community Trading Thread

  3. Events Events trade

    @DarthEevee09 What can you offer? @Dheerajandpavan Your offer? PM plz @MB.Rua Nah Thx all I am especially interested in right now!
  4. Universal Community Trading Thread

    Just wondering what is the price of the now? Thanks guys
  5. Events Events trade

    @eespoor I am afraid water is more rare than ice, please improve the offer @eminem1317 What can you offer for my missingno? PM me @Ash1667 nah not interested in rotoms
  6. Events Events trade

    oh well..I am back again! Now I am looking for Any offers? PM me!
  7. Events Events trade

    Haven't been back for almost a year, how's everything going? Anyways, here's what I got. Offer for them? => Currently looking for:
  8. Uniques Chingki's trading thread

    bump haha, back to game. Now only interested in events mainly
  9. Events Agent_47 trading thread

  10. Universal Community Trading Thread

    Trading , I have 2 so just offer me something reasonable
  11. Events Just trade

  12. Events Just trade

    Kindly improve your offer?
  13. Giveaway Caterpie (Christmas) Giveaway

    ign: Chingki nice giveaway:)
  14. Events Just trade

    not particularly fond of it, depends on quality of legends for all others, u offer me