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  1. ClashyWoman

    Universal Xp training jobs

    Hello, I got donation Pokemon which I'm trading for exp. A unique dp for 21 mil?
  2. ClashyWoman

    Giveaway Porygon (hammer) giveaway !

    IGN ClashyMan, thanks for the giveaway sir
  3. ClashyWoman

    Contest Shadow Rotom (Cut) Giveaway

    The winner is @Iron_Patriot Congrats! Will offer the pokemon within few days. Thanks for participating, and hold on until the next giveaway!
  4. ClashyWoman

    Contest Shadow Rotom (Cut) Giveaway

    @Dark_Wolfyou have no chance of winning right now. You didn't even enter the contest lol Post your IGN
  5. Hi there! I'm giving away a this time All you need to do to enter the contest is post your IGN below ;-) Winner will be chosen within few days. Good luck!
  6. ClashyWoman

    Contest Shiny Arceus (Unknown) Giveaway

    IGN ClashyMan Thanks for the giveaway, Farewell mate.
  7. ClashyWoman

    Universal Donation Pokemon For Trade

    I got: Dark Electric, Shadow Cut, dark cut, Dark and Metallic santapies with 1.8 Mil and 3 Mil respectively, Normal Electric.
  8. ClashyWoman

    Giveaway Cosmog not-ending giveaway

    IGN ClashyMan I'm not sure how many I won, maybe around 10? Thanks for the giveaway mate.
  9. ClashyWoman

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    Looking for Unique Completes/Deoxys forms. Trading DPs Also looking for ,and . Offering Money/ Events, IGN ClashyMan.
  10. ClashyWoman

    Experience Echo's Arceus Form exp shop!

    Ice is rarer than electric m8
  11. ClashyWoman

    Universal [CLOSED] Espoor's Rare Pokemon Shop! [CLOSED]

    Hey man, what's up? I'm interested in your Dark Kyogre primal. Can offer some money. 3.5 Mil if that's cool with you.
  12. Well, let me think. Have you got any other nice events, m8?
  13. ClashyWoman

    Universal trading or selling arceus ice

    I can afford a Normal rotomween and few legys.
  14. ClashyWoman

    Dharug's Dex quest

    Hello. May I know the exp rates of yours? How much exp can you offer for a Non legend or a Legend that you're looking for?
  15. Hey there. I got a Shadow Fairy and Shadow Origin if you're interested in them. I'm interested in your Unique Kyurems and Cores.