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  1. Considering

    Legendaries Legendary and shiny for exp

    81k xp 76k xp 107k xp 36k xp for ?
  2. never got my prize
  3. offer on bellsprout ign: consider
  4. Considering

    Giveaway Scarface generous giveaway #1

    ign Consider elephant in the room
  5. Considering

    Giveaway Rotom (Spin) giveaway.

  6. Considering

    Giveaway Genesect Give a way!

    ign: consider fave: goodra
  7. Considering


    2x cosmog and togeween for nihilego?
  8. Considering

    Report Hacker

    theres a glitch where if you load into a map sometimes there will be someone in the trees or mountain. its been in the game for as long as i can remember and its just a minor bug
  9. Considering

    Dharug's Dex quest

    i offered on rotom wash 20 shiny non leggies cause shiny yveltal wasnt there
  10. Considering

    Dharug's Dex quest

    what are some unique leggies youre looking for? id like to trade for your or any of your rotom forms
  11. Considering

    Idea Rarity

    its too often for you, i have a hard enough time looking for a single legendary. i dont need it to be harder to find them
  12. Considering

    Giveaway [NEW] Rotom Forms + $1,000,000 GIVEAWAY

    ign: consider i liked and subbed
  13. Considering

    Contest Pokemon give away

    Ign: Consider