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  1. Universal

    I don't need the Dark Diglett anymore. I can do 2.65 million on it.
  2. Universal

    Yeah, that would work. let me finish your current job first and you can offer on that with the 5 pokes + the previous payment 500,000 experience points for each of the legends + 650,000 for the EON. that is 2.65 million. for the events, 2 million for the diglet and 2 mill for the dark cosmog. cosmogs aren't events they are a permanent part of the game. mega legends are 500K each but primals are a million each.
  3. Universal

    Accepted, will start now no thanks, corgilover is giving it to me. @eurstin offered your Pokemon back as I am done thanks
  4. Universal

    Oops. Metallic Darumaka will be priced with the new rates and will get you 200K. Since we made the deal for pumpkaboos before, they will be priced at 300,000 experience points each. so in total 800,000 experience points. Offer on the pichu at my ign. i don't need it.
  5. Universal

    Metallic Pokemon added that I need!!! rates changed a bit
  6. Universal

    sorry bud, I don't need and anymore either but I can do 2 million anyways on your Pokemon sorry for the confusion, my dex of cool pokemon is filling fast so I need new ones constantly. okay offer on my treecko that is on trades page my ign = TheProphecy and your Shiny Buneary is almost done!! @BrunoThunder Shiny Buneary is done with 650,000 experience points on it. I added the 50,000 points since you are this shops first completed customer! congo! Please offer and and I accepted the Dark Buneary btw
  7. Universal

    sure offer on sunkern, also I have added shiny pokes i need in case you have any?
  8. Universal

    i have added some cool shiny pokemon I need
  9. Universal

    it is fine man, you maay offer on the sunkern
  10. Universal

    you mean offer those three as collateral?
  11. Universal

    well i will need some collateral before otherwise i will have to pass. even if it's a poke of yours that's at 11 mil that i can keep as collateral till i am done.
  12. Universal

    Shiny Pichu work? Awesome mate! I could try to do 11 million? it's a huge job which would take roughly a month. i would need at least half the events before hand or the alolan starters before hand. you choose.
  13. Universal

    Yes i can train now offer on the sunkern that I have put on my trade page my ign = TheProphecy
  14. Experience

    mate i need your hunting services. hunt me these 6: for my and ? How long will it take?
  15. Universal

    I will do 300,000 on eurstins poke and 300,000 on yours and alternate. probably by the end of today since it's only early morning for me right now