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  1. The idea: People who have premium have the option of using a different ball from their inventory to change the ball of another pokemon they own. The ball that was used prior to the change will vanish and the new one that has been chosen will replace it as well as reducing that balls quantity by 1 in the item inventory. For example: An Arceus (Dark) was caught in an , so the premium user would then click on the pokeball option (this option will only be viewable by premium users) on that Arceus (Dark) on the view your pokemon page (a rough image idea here: https://imgur.com/a/08dZsz6 ), they would then be led to their item inventory where they would be able to choose any other pokeball that they own. If they choose a , then 1 Master Ball would be removed from their inventory and the ultra ball that the Arceus (Dark) was caught in before would disappear (this is mostly because if the ball was put back into the inventory it would cause problems due to cherish balls). I feel like this would be a nice addition to what premium users can do and it would allow me to get rid of all ultra-balled pokemon on vortex Please give me any feedback you may have in the replies.
  2. half of what u offered werent immunities, i havent accepted any and im not going to. u can take them back
  3. ur not offering immunities, electric isnt an immunity
  4. deal, offer the pokemon and ill bid
  5. i stare at a blank wall and listen to the sound of the blood pumping around my body while training, really helps me out
  6. Vulnerable

    Genesect Genesis v1


    some people like genesect forms, its really just a matter of opinion
  7. Vulnerable

    Genesect Genesis v1


    finally we can blaze up
  8. as long as you have an account made during v3 then patrick should be able to find the name of ur account as long as you have the email to it.
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