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  1. after checking your account, it looks like the mystic Snorunt was male you can only evolve a Snorunt to Froslass with a dawn stone if it's female
  2. This happens when you don't complete your battle, after catching the Taillow, pressing back on your browser or any menu options will cause this to happen. You need to reach the screen where you're given experience and pokedollars or it says you've caught the pokemon, like this: Or like this:
  3. can you explain how mr_chemicals spending a lot of pokedollars is effecting everyone else?
  4. this is my team guys!11!!!!1 please tell me what u think
  5. Legacy maps aren't available for accounts made after the release of v5
  6. Improving the avatar size and border on the profile page: Currently, the size of the avatar on your profile seems way too small to be viewed properly, it's almost as if it's being hidden rather than shown off. I propose to increase the size and change it to a more circular shape such as this: I think a change like this will really spark peoples motivation to hunt for avatars that look the best instead of just using the first one they can find. Option to search for avatars in your inventory: This ones pretty self explanatory and might alread
  7. Front sprite: Back sprite: yeah just a small thing I noticed recently that I thought should be fixed, I checked the other jedis too and all their front and back sprites match : ) this probably should've been posted in errors, my bad
  8. I've been wanting this pokemon added for a while and since Patrick only recently decided to add Ash Greninja due to popular demand, I think it's the perfect time to add Mewtwo (Shadow) along with it in the upcoming content update. It could be the released new quiz reward for a whole month, similarly to Mewtwo (Evolution) or it could be released as any other type of event. The options are unlimited. Let's try to get this added so we can all eventually have our very own Shadow Mewtwo (Shadow) , please leave any questions you may have in the comments. :^)
  9. The idea: People who have premium have the option of using a different ball from their inventory to change the ball of another pokemon they own. The ball that was used prior to the change will vanish and the new one that has been chosen will replace it as well as reducing that balls quantity by 1 in the item inventory. For example: An Arceus (Dark) was caught in an , so the premium user would then click on the pokeball option (this option will only be viewable by premium users) on that Arceus (Dark) on the view your pokemon page (a rough image idea here: https://im
  10. half of what u offered werent immunities, i havent accepted any and im not going to. u can take them back
  11. ur not offering immunities, electric isnt an immunity
  12. deal, offer the pokemon and ill bid
  13. i stare at a blank wall and listen to the sound of the blood pumping around my body while training, really helps me out
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