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  1. Other Giveaway Of Legendaries

    Ign : mw12 No : 23
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    Ritto and eurstin is my ign
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    Trading: and for a pikachu cosplay
  4. Events Event trading thread

    Enjoy trading events
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    Trading: Arceus water , metallic cubone vader , dark latias mega , mystic latios mega , and shiny aerodactyl LF : Events especially cosplays
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    ign:laoboy shiny greninja good luck
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    is the giveaway over?
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    My vivillion type is and I also have other vivillion forms
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    what can I get for i am trading it anyone intrested?
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    I want events foranyone intrested?
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    Trading andwhat can I get for these?
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    But will there be z stones in V4?
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    I have with 9 million exp and what can I get for this?
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    LF events offering exp