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  1. @Prayag_Raj_Rai your Mystic Darkraiis done and uft, please offer your payment

    1. Prayag_Raj_Rai


      Offered, And also gave my 2 poke on which u have to train 550K EXP each for my Lvl 100 Omastar. . Thnx for trading

    2. greenlanturn


      Will do, give me a week and a half because i have another job in progress already

    3. Prayag_Raj_Rai


      sure, take ur time , No hurry

  2. Experience "Speedway" Experience Shop

    Do you have unique gen1 starters?
  3. Experience "Speedway" Experience Shop

    @ClashyWoman tell what you have and we'll see
  4. Experience "Speedway" Experience Shop

    @ClashyMan do you have any unique starters from gen 1?
  5. @anarchist your Shiny Shuppetis done and uft. Please offer your payment

    1. anarchist



      I offered 2 Unique birds as discussed!
      Thank you!:ph34r::D

    2. greenlanturn


      Accepted, be Alert for the upcoming offers mate

    3. anarchist
  6. Experience "Speedway" Experience Shop

    @eespoor of course you can. It will take the same 10 days
  7. Experience "Speedway" Experience Shop

    @ClashyMan that offer is already Taken! @eespoor heeeey mate, of course! Just offer on the unown uft. It will be done in 10 Days from now
  8. Experience "Speedway" Experience Shop

    Okay, ill let you know when its done
  9. Experience "Speedway" Experience Shop

    Sure, on the same poke? It will take 2 weeks because of the others jobs
  10. Experience "Speedway" Experience Shop

    @Prayag_Raj_Rai its a deal, offer on the unown uft
  11. Experience "Speedway" Experience Shop

    @anarchist will do! It'll be finished in 5 days or a little sooner
  12. Experience "Speedway" Experience Shop

    @anarchist yeess, offer the poke or pokes you wish trained on the unonw uft
  13. Experience "Speedway" Experience Shop

    @anarchist hey mate, i forgot to write the "unique" part. Still want to offer?
  14. Experience "Speedway" Experience Shop

    IMPORTANT AND MUST READ This shop is different from the others, there will be no sure rates! Im going to put 10 offers at a time and the firsts to arrive have the best chance for the better rates! Don't be soure if you dont get the best deal possible, that just means you have to be faster next time! The next 10 offers will only be availabe after at least 5 of the previous are done! One person can apply for the 10 offers if they wish, or all the offers that are still available! The 10 offers (Only 5 available) Trainings in Progress
  15. Contest Get 3 Z-Cells

    GreenLanturn 5.