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  1. coldfusuin

    Uniques Vivillon Trade Thread

    Looking for
  2. coldfusuin

    Universal Looking for Events and Rares

    currently looking for NORMAL forms of: want to pay with Pokedollars (PD). Feel free to offer
  3. coldfusuin

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    looking for exp! offering unique leggies
  4. coldfusuin

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    hey looking for . Offering unique leggends in my trades. ign:coldfusuin
  5. coldfusuin

    Legendaries trade center

    no thanks 15? which ones do you want
  6. coldfusuin

    Legendaries trade center

    have it already sorry
  7. coldfusuin

    Legendaries trade center

    i dont know like 10 unique leggies for pikamass etc. i also said feel free to offer anything no thanks bro rotom is not that valuable
  8. coldfusuin

    Legendaries trade center

    HELLO ALL. TRADING THESE: 2x 2x2x 2x Interested in : -Specific uniques -Experince -Events Things im looking for: any any i also have pokemoney you can offer me price for these events.