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  1. Heeey guys, looking for 1 big xp job. Only accepting Dp or rare events.

    Will do between 15m xp to 40m xp

  2. Ign lordofdante 1 france easy 2 Mbappe 3 love it 4 youre awesome
  3. Offered. How much time until its done?
  4. But wait. U saying 350k for each. And 350x6= 2.100 not 1500
  5. Heeey mate. I have the avaluggs
  6. The day has just begun. Calm down mate it will be done in 10 hours or so
  7. Those pokes are rare but they arent uniques like shiny or so. The murkrow is still there
  8. Just doing uniques like i said. But 450k for the leggies
  9. If they are all non leggies i'll do 2.5m
  10. Going to trade a woobat with 1 million EXP in 24 hours, the best offer takes it.

    Pm with offers and good luck

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