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  1. It IS allowed to claim the ticket to access the event. However, the question me and others have is the following: Is it allowed to fight Az in multiple accounts for the rewards? Or would that be considered cheating? If it is allowed, what would be the "acceptable limit" of fights?
  2. Most of the Ultra Beasts havebeen coming little by little. I think there are only 2 left or so? Still gonna mention these things. Because some of the moves from UM/US are around (Croagunk and Toxicroak, for example, have almost all of their US/UM moves). I think some of these might truly have been slight oversights, as Toxicroak and Croagunk show.
  3. I decided to compile the moves that some Pokémon are missing, as well as where they learn it from. I will constantly edit this thread if a move is added, and if I find a missing move. Please, help me looking for moves! I will add ONE new Pokémon everyday OR if one has been "fixed". #454 - Toxicroak Focus Punch (150 Pwer, 100% Acc) (Learnable by move tutor in UM/US) Throat Chop (80 Pwer, 100% Acc) (Learnable by move tutor in UM/US) Thunder Punch (75 Pwer, 100% Acc) (Learnable by move tutor in UM/US) #703 - Carbink Power Gem (80 Pwer, 100% Acc) (Learnable at lvl 46 from Generation VII) Stomping Tantrum (75 Pwer, 100% Acc) (Learnable by move tutor in UM/US) Earth Power (90 Pwer, 100% Acc) (Learnable by move tutor in UM/US) Snore (50 Pwer, 100% Acc) (Learnable by move tutor in UM/US) Round (60 Pwer, 100% Acc) (Learnable by TM48 in Generation VII) Covet (60 Pwer, 100% Acc) (Learnable by move tutor in UM/US) Nature Power (60 Pwer, 100% Acc) (Learnable by TM96 in Generation VII) #793 - Nihilego Bind (15 Pwer, 85% Acc) (Learnable by move tutor in UM/US) Snore (50 Pwer, 100% Acc) (Learnable by move tutor in UM/US) Knock Off (65 Pwer, 100% Acc) (Learnable by move tutor in UM/US) Foul Play (95 Pwer, 100% Acc) (Learnable by move tutor in UM/US) Iron Head (80 Pwer, 100% Acc) (Learnable by move tutor in UM/US) Zen Headbutt (80 Pwer, 90% Acc) (Learnable by move tutor in UM/US) Clear Smog (50 Pwer, 100% Acc) (Learnable at lvl 7 from Generation VII) Gunk Shot (120 Pwer, 80% Acc) (Learnable by move tutor in UM/US) Certified of not missing any move: Croagunk (Most of its tutor and egg moves are found in Toxicroak)
  4. iara

    Experience Training your Pokémon!

    I can do 3.5M pokedollars for 2M exp.
  5. iara

    Experience Training your Pokémon!

    Please, do not advertise in my thread.
  6. Quite some time ago, the moves in this thread were nerfed. I would have no problems with this, except that there are still " attacks that were throwing battling way off balance": Victini's "V-create" and Necrozma's "Prismatic Laser". Necrozma, in particular, can OHKO anything that doesn't resist it. At least the moves that were nerfed were balanced, because a wide variety of Pokémon could learn it. These attacks are just learned by TWO pokémon. Isn't this the core meaning of "unbalanced"? Isn't this something that would need to be addressed? There are two possible fixes. You could nerf these attacks, or you could remove the nerf of the old attacks to show the shift on power level that Pokémon Vortex has with all the new legendaries now. Trump Card, Self-destruct and Explosion are Normal, a terrible attacking move. Most of the time, the Pokémon who learned these skills weren't even Normal-type to begin, so no stab. In order to OHKO anything metallic and shiny, they would need to be DARK, and that reduces the defense factor of these Pokémon. Reversal and Punishment did not need such a massive nerf. Skills like Focus Punch still exist in this game. So how about a compromise and giving them 150 attack? This would balance out all the lesser Pokemon. Maybe with these changes in place, we would see less Necrozma teams, and more teams of people using the Pokémon they actually like. What I loved of Pokémon Vortex was how you could use every Pokémon you loved and still be "competitve" (My main Pokémon, for example, was and still is a Luvdisc, and I use an Unown as well!) I hope this is heard.
  7. iara

    Experience Training your Pokémon!

    At the moment I am just looking for money. Terribly sorry!
  8. Masterballs are cheap tho. I have some pokemon in them, but I would much rather put them on Vortex Balls now.
  9. I am trying to make a theme account. However, its very difficult as changing the ball in which a Pokémon comes is not a feature. Do you think we could ever receive this layer of customization in here? It could be for premium users only and limited once per day, or something like that. I would not mind shelling out some dollars in order to change a Pokémon ball. Probably the least of your priorities but I think it would be a neat feature.
  10. I still think this would be a decent idea now more than anything.
  11. iara

    Experience Training your Pokémon!

    Basically you want 1M 1M exp x 1.5 = It would cost you a base of 1.5M to train all that.
  12. iara

    Experience Training your Pokémon!

    Contact me on Discord, as I'm far more active there! My discord is Iara#8552 (That's an 'i') My IGN is iara I train pretty quickly and will communicate you as I do. Base rate is 1 exp = 1.5 poke. I can only train one pokémon. If your Pokémon has no quick moves to train, or is something weak in a meme sense (E.g.: Ditto, Magikarp, etc), the rate instead is 1 exp = 3 poke. Feel free to contact me. Please, make sure you already have the money set. I will not give you back your Pokémon unless you pay the amount needed. CURRENT JOB: YOGESH_FEDERER's SHADOW RALTS (Unspecified EXP. 500K atm)
  13. iara

    Universal Pokemon Hunting service

    Alright, I offered. Thank you for the trade!
  14. iara

    Experience New and improved exp shop

    Alright... What's your IGN to offer my pokemon? I can't find it.