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  1. curiin

    Universal shiny+legendary shop

    u don't need to train or evolve thx. the pokemon i offered are up for trade ^^ (ign curiin)
  2. curiin

    Universal shiny+legendary shop

    hey, I want shadow sceptile and dark suicune. offering deoxys and shiny yveltal.
  3. So, I'm helping my brother (ign Orpheu) to hatch some eggs, and yesterday I put a 24hr to hatch. the period is over and it shows that hatched a pichu (christmas), but it doesn't appear in the pokemons of the account. he already hatched two more pichus and one he evolved (3 in total, counting the one that doesn't appear). Can someone help me? thanks.
  4. curiin

    Resolved Accuracy problems.

    it's all the bad luck then, because it's happening with all my team
  5. hi. so, I'm with this problem since the egg drop from clan battles started. even with the most powerful moves and using a poke that has advantage, it misses, and even many times in a row. can someone please help me.
  6. curiin

    Answered Incubating Slot

    how many eggs do i have to hatch before i get a 2nd incubating slot? and, is it possible to get a 24hr egg in the wild battles? thx ^^