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  1. When, if ever, will this become a feature?
  2. If you battle the training accounts, try using beldum in steel type trainers. the lower the level of the beldum, the better. Also, don't worry about you pokemon fainting, as the moves withe the steel type training accounts are useless against steel types. Furthermore, you can usually get away with selling metagrosses for 25k, just be sure to stagger your sales.
  3. I am the leader of it and I want to change the picture, but I do not know how.
  4. The clan name is bangkok69, which is really inappropriate.
  5. We will complete our monthly review of promoting, demoting, and sorting out members.
  6. Medic1129

    Answered Money

    So, could I use a level 100 and a level 5 to get a better then just using a level 100.
  7. Be sure to check with patrick incase it is the wrong email.
  8. Medic1129

    Answered Money

    How is money distributed throughout gym battles. Like, is there a specific way to maximize the money intake per battle, or is it just randomized?
  9. Medic1129

    Answered Time

    How do I change the time.
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