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  3. 2avatar are selling 

    1. foodviro2.0


      Stop spamming 

  4. Do anyone are selling or trading mewtwo or water pokemon and they are ub or legendary?
  5. Who are trading ub and legendary? reply here
  6. +a avatar is selling

  7. I am selling a Alakazite in pokebay It is cheaper than other people if you want, you can go to pokebay and search pikachu0705 to buy
  8. Who want to buy mew in pokebay from me?

    i will put a lv.70 mew in pokebay


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    2. Dora38


      I want

    3. Pikachu0705


      + 1lv.50 Sceptile is selling


      Quickly to buy!

    4. Pikachu0705


      +1 dusk stone is selling 


      it is cheap 

      quickly to buy 

  9. Can anyone trade legendaries to me?

    1 for 1 

    if you want to trade with me , reply here


    1. lucariolover


      I have a giratina I wanna trade it

    2. Dora38


      I want leggy

      e.g. Mew

  10. A lot of good pokes and item is selling in pokebay!

    they are very cheap!

    go to pokebay and search my name!

    Quickly to buy!

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    2. Pikachu0705


      And a 


      is selling

      the cheapest


      Quickly to buy!

      go to pokebay and search pikachu0705

    3. Hardieboi


      Alakazites sell even for 25000 pds mostly , so your price is not cheap , and you dislike this post ignou want , but I am just trying to help

    4. Pikachu0705


      It is cheaper than anyone are selling

  11. A lv32 mega Alakazam is selling


    quickly to buy 

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