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  1. Most of the scam reports in forums are trades in exchange of services and most of them have been helped. I reported it cause i felt i was cheated cause i had to go through loss for no reason . i just wanted my pokemon and have no intentions of getting him banned
  2. Well im not trying to get him banned i just want my pokemon back . and it is his mistake. why did he have to take a deal if he had some work and would have to go offline ? i agreed on the job cause he said he can get it done in 2 days and i its been 12 days now . There is nothing wrong if i wanted to make a post abt this issue . Thanks for ur concern
  3. hey...So a guy called "nolamers" took my shiny sobble with 6 mill exp for training . The deal was 5.5 mill training for 13 mill pds . After taking the pokemon he trained only 500k and went offline both in game and on discord it has now been 9 days since he went offline both in game and on discord ign of trainer - nolamers my ign - vish980 id of pokemon-#0030517856
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