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  1. Giving away the extra legends i caught on my pichu hunt they're free to go first come first serve on all legends 

    these pokemon are 2xGenesect1 x Raikou 2xShadow Zekrom 1xShaymin (Sky)6xThundurus1xZekrom 4xZapdosand 1x Xerneas (Active)

    1. StarPonyta20


      Would you mind helping me get back some of the many legends I lost during the half-reset viaShaymin (Sky),Thundurus, andShadow Zekromif you have one left? If you don't haveShadow Zekrom,Zapdoswill be fine as a substitute. Of course, if you changed your mind and want to keep them, do that. I have stuff UFT @ my IGN, StarPonyta20.

    2. Neo_SeN


      I only have the zapdos and thundurus

    3. StarPonyta20
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