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  1. I'm AFK most of the time, don't expect me to answer you immediately. eevee

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  4. Yeah that is a pretty good idea, I never thought of that. But combining Solgaleo with Necrozma? That kind of takes all your hard work to get 1.5k quiz coins to get a Cosmog to evolve it into a Solgaleo or Lunala, just to combine it with Necrozma, I feel that is a waste. So this idea is a pretty good idea if you ask me, of course the Lunala Bow and Solgaleo Sword can be as rare as blue orbs and red orbs. And to be fair, maybe these items can be in the Alolan region in sidequest. That's all I have to say, again this idea was great. This is my option of the Lunala Bow and Solgaleo Sword, I'm sure
  5. I was wondering how I would we see Happiness after a pokemon is at its final stage? Is it even possible?
  6. Is a Shiny Eevee in the shiny starters section? If possible can I get a Shiny Eevee if it is? Thank you, just turn down my request if needed. I don't really mind.
  7. I have recently finished the Galar Gyms and I searched up some Legendaries that would be under the Galar region. I came across Galarian Articuno and I liked it very much. The thing is I've been looking for a while. My question though is 'Is a Galarian Articuno rare? Is it normally rare?' I appreciate the help.
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