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  1. I did put it up for trade,if i dont really like the offer...you can msg me with pds as the offer!
  2. Hey Luiss, I know you are looking for regigigas varients... But i do have a shadow regirock level 5, You intrested by any chance? If yes,Msg me on my ign:Pokeboy83 Thank you.
  3. Hey Landon,i need the shiny version at the moment... But thanks tho,if i need the normal ones,i'll let you know! Cheers!
  4. Hey y'all,hope all you are doin great! so,im lookin for a Shiny cosmog/Shiny Cosmeom/Shiny Solgaleo. If anyone has it(promo's acceptable too),and is willing to trade,Please add me/msg me. We can have a deal,and here are the pokes i'm offering : Metallic Amaura with some exp,Dark Greninja(Ash) with some exp,Shiny Pichu (Halloween),etc Thank you! Have a wonderful day ahead!!!
  5. Cool Giveaway! Hope to win melotta[i miss it LOL] thanks for hosting it, IGN: Pokeboy83 Cheers.
  6. Prizes taken: Shiny togepi (Halloween) By Marri10(he offered first) Prizes remaning: Cubone (vader),Blacephalon,stakataka,Guzzlord,Winners,take the pokes quick!
  7. First of all THANKS a lot for those who wished me and thanks everyone for participating....the winners are generated through random number generator,so here are your numbers! Good luck! 1.Cod1234 2.Dades 3.ShinyGmaxPokemon 4.Fluffyz 5.Tejs 6.Dqrk 7.Anrose 8.Marri10 9.Avix 10.Pokemonchampionpikachu 11.Eeveecuteness 12.Levic1234 13.Slacky 14.Shoomia 15.Khajari1510 16.ggsd 17.x_itachi_x 18.Billabob 19.Kong-ZILLA 20.Dark-Entai 21.Punz 22.BivanBlaze13 23.Pathfinder02 24.Ken2k 25.AyakaMoonlight 26.Captaincam1 27.Vardhanimom 28.MisterF 29.Inteleon 30.REAPERonIG 31.Pokomaster29 32.Demonking-1 33.Akshatsupercool 34.Omg414 35.Amosc1234 36.Kingkong2580 37.PTraining 38.Yamalye 39.Glazio 40.Niddesh1 41.SemiHorizon 42.POKECHAN 43.AnnaAB 44.Ade50 So these were all the participants and their numbers,now....lets see who wins!!! Winners ~ No.7 No.20 No.32 No.35 No.39 So,hurry up and offer up! First offer,first prize! Also,once more there was no partiality done,it was fully randomly generated numbers. Clan bonus reward ~ Kong-ZILLA Thank you for joining me on my annieversary. Have a great day ahead!!!
  8. dude......please read the post carefully, i clearly mentioned i will announce the winners on 22nd November,only the Participation time is ending today. also,a note,the winners get to choose the pokemons,that means that they have to offer on my Trades,i will not serve you.
  9. Just a small notice,Whoever wants to join this giveaway,join quick because it ends at November 21(today) at 10:00pm[GMT] after that time,no participation will be accepted! And Partcicpants,Go on and call all your friends for this giveaway! Good luck and Cheers!!!
  10. oh sorry,didnt know it was a sig,many people advertise so,it was a misunderstanding.
  11. dude,wth this a GIVEAWAY not an advertisement place,i dunno which imaginary "advertisement board" you saw but Please do not post anything which is not related to the giveaway.
  12. please do not make multiple posts,one post is enough.
  13. hey,please do all the emotional goodbye stuff on your personal chat or pms,this is not the place to do those things,this is a giveaway post,dont fill it with messages not related to it.
  14. well,if you want to give them,ask them to participate
  15. Heyo guys! I am so glad to announce that it has been an year for me in this wonderful game ,thus i am hosting a huge giveaway! the giveaway's winners[randomly chosen ,winners will have choice of taking pokemons.] will be announced on 22nd November[the actual anniversary day] so here are the prizes! 1st Prize:[Shiny togepi (Halloween)] 2nd Prize:[Cubone (Vader)] 3rd Prize:[Blacephalon] 4th Prize: [Guzzlord] 5th Prize[Stakataka] How to participate? Just comment below about this giveaway or anything you wish,but good things.[participation ends at 21st november(GMT)] This Giveaway is sponsored by Mysterious Heroes [MSL] ,one of the top clans.we are looking for active clan battlers and people with 20m or 15m+ exp are invited!!! we'd love to have you with us! Hope y'all like it! ~ 83 Clan bonus Prize [only for clan members,who have been more than 5 days in it] : [Shiny Stakataka]
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