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  1. i want zygarde complete i can give giratina or celebi level 100 and shiny zebstrica
  2. i have a greninja what for that
  3. i can give you glacion and shadow flygon i want a legendary for those to my wants is palkia but anything else is fine but not if it is unfair
  4. What will you give me text me in game and we can spek about the trde
  5. And i have shiny venamoth i want mega raquaza or regigas for it
  6. i have shiny zebstrica i want mega latios
  7. jesterv786 i will give celibi level 100 for your viveltal
  8. i have slowking what for that
  9. i can give you evee what for that
  10. Can i have your obstagon for my unfezent femle plsssssssssssss
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