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  1. Hey @Korch, I didn't see any pokéballs on your auction so i bidded your prize on your Cascoon. Is this not your account? Thanks

    1. Glazio


      Lmao Nice Video

      congrats to your youtube channel i will subscribe🥳🤍

    2. Pokomaster29
  3. Winners Mystic Hoopa Winner - @pokemonmasater <-- I sent the prize to your Zigzagoon. $1,000,000 Winner - @Glazio Please list an auction of a Pokéball and I'll bid $1.1mil so you get $1m after tax. 5x $100,000 Winners - @Adi09 - PAID @blood7411 - PAID @Korch - PAID @Anrose - PAID @Punz - PAID Please list a Pokéball on auction so i can bid your 110k All prize money winners have also been contacted in game. Thanks all who entered! Next giveaway will be on my YouTube channel in the coming days. Thank you! -TheBrokenMan

    Who won to your giveaway?


    1. TheBrokenMan


      Announcing winners when i get home from work :)

  5. CLOSED Will choose random winners shortly. Thanks for the great submissions. -TheBrokenMan
  6. CLOSED! For context, I've just created a YouTube channel as a hobby to create short <60second videos with the topic centred around Vortex. I'm looking for general video ideas and suggestions that you'd like to see. I can do videos of gameplay, how to guides or entertainment/comedy etc.. To enter you must complete BOTH PARTS! 1. Reply to this thread with your in-game name 2. Write ONE video suggestion for my YouTube channel. Prizes x1 Random Winner $1,000,000 x1 Random Winner $100,000 x5 Random Winners Winner will be selected at 13:00gmt. 14th Sept 2021. You can find my latest video below..
  7. I have a Flareon with 2.4million Exp. How much is your offer? thanks
  8. I'm looking for Shadow Hoopa I'm also looking for Shiny Munchlax / Snorlax and Shiny Dratini / Dragonair / Dragonite IGN TheBrokenMan I can pay all or part payment in $Pokédollars [̲̅$̲̅(̲̅ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°̲̅)̲̅$̲̅] IGN: TheBrokenMan Thanks
  9. If you can catch Shiny Charmander i'll buy for Pds$
  10. Click HERE To View My Trades In Game I'm Looking For These Shiny Kanto Pokémon.. Shiny Bulbasaur (Route 20) Rare, Day/Night Shiny Ivysaur Shiny Charmander (Scorched Sanctum) Rare, Lava Floor Shiny Charmeleon Shiny Squirtle (Shores End) Rare, Day/Night Shiny Wartortle Shiny Blastoise Shiny Jigglypuff (Lvl 3 Happiness) Shiny Wigglytuff Shiny Pikachu Shiny Raichu Shiny Bellsprout (Route 1/18) Common, Night Shiny Cubone Shiny Dodrio Shiny Hitmonlee Shiny Chansey Shiny Scyther Shiny Eevee (Route 3) Day / (Route 9) Night Shiny Vaporeon Shiny Jolteon Shiny Articuno Shiny Mewtwo I'm Looking For These Shiny Alolan Pokémon I'm Looking For These Shiny Galarian Pokémon I'm Looking For These Shiny Mega Pokémon.. I'm Looking For These Special Shiny Pokémon.. View All My Pokémon up for trade by visiting my profile in game by clicking HERE Any Questions, Feel Free To Ask!
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