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  1. Do you have a sablenite and a cameruptite?
  2. I'm planning on using one of these two teams. let me know if I should change anything. Team 1: Rayquaza (Mega) Krookodile Toxtricity (Low Key) Chandelure Metagross Bewear Team 2: Rayquaza (Mega) Krookodile Toxtricity (Low Key) Chandelure Cobalion Girafarig
  3. could you use a bewear as a normal/fighting substitute? I don't have a lopunnite nor a snorlaxite
  4. I have searched google and even other forum posts like this, and they all just say it's at the left of route 21 but for some reason, I can't freaking find it! Someone please tell me where exactly it is so I can start catching Unowns.
  5. Is there any other pokemon that you want to get so I can catch it?
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